Reiki Second Degree

Guided Meditation Guided Meditation (Compilation) - Created by Roger Moretto. Track for guided meditation with Relaxing Music. Genre: Spiritual / Meditation - Time: 42' 42'' - Label:

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USUI Method

MIkao Usui

Reiki music (55 Mb) free mp3 newage passage lasting one hour composed by Roger Moretto, Master Reiki, to use for your Reiki sessions: every 3 minutes a bell will let you know you have to change position.


Reiki in Japanese means the vital energy that spreads through everything and is everywhere, even inside us. REI is the boundless universal aspect, KI is the aspect flowing in everything living, that today we could also scientifically define as Energy, radiations, magnetic fields, and so on….So REI = Universe, KI = Energy; REIKI = Universal Energy.



Second degree Reiki 

What are the Reiki Symbols and how they are used for

Second Degree Reiki symbols explanation:

- the first symbol “CHO KU REI

- the second symbol “SEI HE KI

- the third symbol “HON SHA ZE SHO NEN”  

The visualization

Second degree Reiki treatments classic examples

Conditions to set up any second degree Reiki treatment in a correct way

fiore di loto 

click HERE for free download Reiki Second Degree complete seminar lecture note (Zip/PdF 88 Kb)

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Reiki Seminar on the beach with Roger Moretto Reiki Master

Would you like to organize a Reiki, Radionics and Radiesthesia group in your town??? Ruggero Moretto will be glad to personally follow and with great enthusiasm people coming from any part of U.S., U.K., from abroad and everywhere you'd like to organize your groups

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