Radiesthesic Pendulum

- White Rock Crystal Pendulum of the best ‘Arkansas’ quality natural, not worked and not pierced with an incorporated mastic fixed gold coloured little hook with a 925 silver little chain


Price Euro 39,00 + forwarding charges

This special white rock crystal pendulum can amplify radiesthesistian’s energy to help him carry out more exact radiesthesic tests; white (neutral colour) rock crystal active and energetic property favours a better bio-resonance among ‘all types of witnesses’ and the radiesthesistian himself, for a better radiesthesic research. To work with such a rock crystal pendulum not pierced and not worked, is the same as having a connection with a real living being in a mineral form. Besides, the energetic property of Arkansas quality white rock crystal (that is the one having the most neutral vibration among minerals) has the power to amplify the absorbed energy, simultaneously irradiating it, becoming thus a very versatile instrument for all types of radiesthesic utilizations. For more information on this subject, please refer to freeonline Radiesthesia dowsing Basic Course.

Big Size Pendulum

- Big size White Rock Crystal Pendulum of the best ‘Arkansas’ quality, natural not worked and not pierced twined with a metal wire (without chain)


Price Euro 69,00 + forwarding charges

This special big size rock crystal Pendulum natural not pierced (twined by a proper metal wire used to make pendents with a gold or silver chain), is used to operate for any direct and immediate healing, or vibrational action for all we conceive, with the help of the High Spiritual Intelligences of Hebrew tradition who rule the Universe with the aid of a particular ‘FORMULA’ or ‘PRAYER’, for all the different cases of physical, mental, spiritual and emotional healing, for ourselves, for those we love, for every day life situations and for everything around us. (Please refer to NATURAL HEALING BY SPIRITUAL GUIDES AND RADIESTHESIA COURSE).  It’s also possible to apply this procedure for direct liquid magnetization as the water contained in a white crystal glass, simply keeping it in front of us to create valid vibrational essences.

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