Thyroid Healing

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Thyroid Healing


>>> Bio Thyroxin Zapper <<<

This radionic graph treats all man and woman thyroid problems.

guarigione della tiroide

To take benefit from the frequencies active principles issued by this graph:

1) magnetize some natural water in a 20 cl. max flat bottomed white crystal glass, not a goblet, and without advertising writing (restaurant type glass) keeping it at the center of the graph for an hour about. Then it is possible to drink this magnetized water better at an empty stomach (fasting) twice a day.

2) Another more interesting and more practical method is to introduce the magnetized water in a sterilized 30 ml bottle for ¾ and for the rest add some Brandy, which has the property to keep its vibration; take then 5 drops under the tongue twice a  day (keep the bottle in the refrigerator).

flacone contagocce

3) Set the witness of the person involved (picture, and so on…) at the center of this graph the sessions have a 40 minutes length for day.

4) Watch this drawing passively for 5 minutes twice a day.

Use this graph as one of the methods here above mentioned for the time needed until your complete healing.

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