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musictherapy was born in 2003 as an independent new age discographic label and as a holistic and alternative therapy formation portal, who's scope is to divulgate Roger Moretto's research and musical compositions. A great meeting place for world wide researchers of the natural and holistic healing sector, how to live in harmony with nature and with the entire cosmos, where, between music, sound and demonstrated tecnology, they can experience a new way to approach existence, more in tune with the true nature of being.


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The bright melodies and the wide harmonies Roger Moretto Reiki Master has succeeded in giving to these compilations create the right atmosphere for all your Reiki (and meditation) sessions. The calm, the peace and the universal love, these music passages inspire, will lead your hearts towards the union with all living beings.



Reiki Music Vol.10 Reiki Music Vol.10 - Deep Healing (Compilation) - Artist: Roger Moretto. Reiki Music track lasting one hour composed by Roger Moretto, Master Reiki, to use for your Reiki sessions: every 3 minutes a bell will let you know you have to change position. Genre: Spiritual / Meditation / Reiki Music - Time: 60' 12'' - Label:

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Price: Euro 10,99 (BUY ONLINE)

Guided Meditation Guided Meditation (Compilation) - Created by Roger Moretto. Track for guided meditation with Relaxing Music. Genre: Spiritual / Meditation - Time: 42' 42'' - Label:

Price: 10.99 $ (BUY ONLINE)

OM meditation music OM (Single) - Artist: Roger Moretto. Chanting OM Universal mantra. For all your creative meditations chanted and danced. Genre: Spiritual / Meditation - Time: 5' 41'' - Label:

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Price: Euro 0,99 (BUY ONLINE)

chillout Lounge 

Music Time (Single) - Artist: Roger Moretto. The time scans obsessively all the Human illusions Genre: ChillOut / Lounge - Time: 5' 31'' - Label:

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Price: Euro 0,99 (BUY ONLINE)

ambient music Eternal Howlin (Single) - Artist: Roger Moretto. The eternal howl of the wolf evokes the desire to retreat often to the deep inner wisdom. Genre: Ambient / New Age - Time: 3' 39'' - Label:

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Price: Euro 0,99 (BUY ONLINE)

Relaxing music Relaxing River (Single) - Artist: Roger Moretto. Very relaxing track played on the banks of the river with arpeggio of classical piano Genre: Therapeutic /Relaxing Music - Time: 6' 09'' - Label:

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Price: Euro 0,99 (BUY ONLINE)

new age music My Pan (part.1) (Single) - Artist: Roger Moretto. The magic and beautiful melody of the pan flute helping to sublimate the emotions leading at a higher level of awareness. Genre: New Age - Time: 3' 20'' - Label:

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Price: Euro 0,99 (BUY ONLINE)

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