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This is for every operators and lovers of Bio Energies which are cosmic and natural and which are  governed by the Nature techniques for the man equilibration and for everything around him in an holistic sense, alternative natural medicine naturopathy bio-architecture bio-agriculture archaeology and alternative sciences in general, so it is for people who want to increase their professional knowledge through the above-mentioned subjects. Besides Biolifestyle, which since a long time in all Countries, studies the searches about the universal cosmic fine bio-energies regarding and are applied on the search for various scientific and parascientific sectors through some practises and approaches as Radionics and Dowsing Divining Radiesthesia. It is glad to show you the concerning Courses which are carried out by the researcher Doctor Roger Moretto Dowser - Radionic Radiesthesic Practitioner / Theacher - Reiki Universal Master.

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He deeply knows many practises concerning  the man evolution in a total and holistic sense. He is available with a big passion and enthusiasm, to diffuse and to transmit to the operators, researchers and lovers, what he found out in his last exciting searches and studies about Radionics (the study of the waveforms) and Radiesthesia Divining Dowsing (a diagnosis and search method)



Basic radionics and dowsing course (213 KB)
Advanced radionics and dowsing course (227 KB)
Course of Natural Healing with the Spiritual Guides and Dowsing (72 Kb)
Reiki First Degree (64 Kb)
Reiki Second Degree (88 Kb) 

Would you like to organize a Reiki Radionics dowsing and Radiesthesia group in your town??? Ruggero Moretto will be glad to personally follow and with great enthusiasm people coming from any part of U.S., U.K., from abroad and everywhere you'd like to organize your groups

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Guided Meditation Guided Meditation (Compilation) - Created by Roger Moretto. Track for guided meditation with Relaxing Music. Genre: Spiritual / Meditation - Time: 42' 42'' - Label: www.biolifestyle.org

Price: 10.99 $ (BUY ONLINE)

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Video Lessons Radionics Dowsing Reiki >>> here

RADIOETERIC© 1.0 Free Radionics Software Program

RADIONIC MUSICTHERAPY Free Radionic Melodic Rates

HolistikaTV2000 Web TV from Holistic World

Reiki music (55 Mb) free mp3 newage passage lasting one hour composed by Roger Moretto, Master Reiki, to use for your Reiki sessions: every 3 minutes a bell will let you know you have to change position.

Meditation music (14,3 Mb) free mp3 newage passage lasting one hour composed by Roger Moretto, to use for your Meditation.


Dr. Roger Moretto, born in 1969 - Doctor of Homoeology (University of Tempe, Arizona - U.S.A.), Radionic Radiesthesic Practitioner Reiki Universal Master qualified BioPrano therapist C.E.E pranic healing. He holds Congresses Workshop Seminars by centres of natural holistic and alternative medicine schools of naturopathy in all over the world and he formed, with his experience a series of experts on his subjects, as Reiki the Radionics and the Radiesthesia. He is an expert in holistic energetic practice as yoga Zen meditation the Reiki the Radionics the Radiesthesia the Metaphysics and a series of alternative disciplines which are always connected to the evolutionary purpose as the pyramid therapy science, the crystal therapy the flowers remedies kinesiologia spiritual healing esoterism paranormal.

Roger Moretto Diploma science department of homoeology

He tries to give his experience to the others with the Philosophy and with the intent of creating real experts about disciplines as Reiki Radionics and Radiesthesia. He has elaborated various radiesthesic methods to realize active and vibrational energetic forms for therapeutic uses, for example for the bio-agriculture, bio-architecture, personal feng shui  (this is the construction of external active and energetic forms for habitations).

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