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To carry out a good second degree treatment, as we’ll see later on, it is very important to know the art of the visualization.

I list hereunder some simple and practical advices:

To visualize means to see, to mentally remember, to shape a thing, a person, a scene or a situation without using our physical eye, without having materially in front of us the visualized object.

Instead, it is not necessary having seen it: the visualization can be completely a creation of ours, which can be modified at any time, (alteration in a creative way of the base data stored in the mind). 

To get greater results from our visualization, we have to enrich it with more elements using all the senses we have at our disposal as the sight, the sounds, the smells, the touch, the tastes, the emotions and the feelings.

The smell: the smells and the flavours frequently change even at any moment: the external environments can smell of sea, of grass that has just been cut or even…. of a rubbish-dump. 
The touch: a subject can be hot, cold, smooth, rough, or give other different sensations.

The taste: you have to concentrate and recall the memory of the more suitable taste bound to the experience you want to visualize.

The sound: the road traffic, the wind noise, the voices sound, to distinguish the various tones, and so on…

The sight: you have to try to catch especially the particulars that is the shades, the details, the shadows, the differences, the colors, and so on….

Emotions and feelings: the key of the success in visualizing is just the emotion; the emotional level you got in creating the situation to visualize is the real secret for a quick success of the action. 

A thought created, issued and strengthened by Reiki symbols, is able to work……. miracles!!!


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