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The Angels

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Angels are as close to the Devine as we can get. Infact angels belong to all mankind, not to any particular religion. They can serve us as agents for personal growth and spiritual evolution. All you need to do is allow the angels space in your life to creat the spiritual context in which to develop a capacity to love and to be loved.

Angels can have an active place in our lives because we need them to help us in our relationship to the source. As well, they give us protection and guidance and they can help us fulfil our creative potential by making our way easy and smooth. They help by removing obstacles to our well-being and happiness. The angels offer us the opportunity to love our selves. They bring us to the very essence of our lives by teaching us that when we love ourselves we follow our highest truth. They help us to mature into responsible and loving people who can live from a place of serenity and peace. They assist us in finding who we really are in the depths of our being, as well as how to live as creative, whole people. Nearly all modern literature on angels offers us this perspective, illuminating the essence of what angels have to share with us in our ordinary, everyday lives.

There are three levels of Heaven: The Heaven of Form, Which contains the protection and love of the Archangels. Our personal Guardian Angels and the Angel Princes who rule over specific geographical locations also inhabit this realm.

The Heaven of Creation, which contains the tender and merciful energies of the Powers, Virtues and Dominions. These are the angels who directly affect the spiritual nature of human relationships. They offer us such qualities as peace, serenity, and harmony. They also help us to accept reconciliation and mercy in our lives and they aid us in finding forgiveness in our hearts.

Heaven of Paradise holds the glorious and powerful energies of the Seraphim, Cherubim and Thrones. These are the angels of love, wisdom and glory.

The hierarchy of Heaven is defined by the degree of love and awareness within each realm. Just as we evolve spiritually on the earth plane, so angels also evolve from one level to another, expanding their consciousness and love. They come closer to the Source through love and charity. Acting as God's messengers, they bring the universal light of love into the consciousness of all beings. they serve the Source by helping us evolve into worthy beings; creatures of light and love.


The Archangel Metatron, recorder of the 'book of life' and scribe for all our deeds.
The Archangel Michael, commander-in-chief of the Heavenly Armies.
The Archangel Gabriel, to stand for truth and deliver the word of God.
The Archangel Raphael, angel of healing through joy.
The Archangel Uriel, to bring us the light of the knowledge of God.

The Guardian Angel of Children, to guard and protect all children.
The Guardian Angel of Youth, to guard and protect all that is youthful in us.
The Guardian Angel of Young Love, to protect all who fall in love.
The Guardian Angel of Young Adults, to help young adults choose a clear direction
The Guardian Angel of Maturity, to guide our emotional growth.
The Guardian Angel of Health, to guard and protect your gealth
The Guardian Angel of Creativity, to guide your creativity to flourish
The Guardian Angel of Spiritual Growth, to protect our growing spirituality.
The Guardian Angel of Service, to teach us how to give from our hearts.

The Angel Prince of The South, to guide and protect the multitude of people within its realm.
The Angel Prince of The North, to encourage the multitudes and assist world leaders in rational thinking.
The Angel Prince of The East, to help the multitudes open and express their feelings.
The Angel Prince of The West, to provide themulititudes with access to the heavenly realms.

Healing Angel's

Different ways to heal
hands on healing can help have power and energy in your hands to be of good use, rub your hands together and concentrate, there is a magnetic force you will feel as you place your hands together not touching and slowly pull apart.... this is your energy field. This is what you can utilize in helping to heal others and yourself. Also don't be afraid to hug someone, even a stranger. Perhaps they are the ones that need to be hugged the most. Hugs are a healing tool. It sends little electrodes of engery throughout your body, those electrodes unblock your stress and ailment barriers, therefore making you feel revived and alive. Don't forget your family members,even though they are close to you and you don't feel they need that expression of love constantly,you would be surprized at really how much they do.<3

different colors present different is is is passionate and warm and exciting etc...Notice the walls of hospitals and doctors offices. Usually they are a shade of green or blue. In mental wards they use blue because of its calming effect. Why are doctors scrubs green....cause its a color of healing as in our plants. Wear what you feel good in. If you don't like the color orange..don't wear it. By surrounding yourself by colors that balance your life you will find your day more harmoneous.

just by letting someone know you care...asking how they feel...just a "how are you" can make someone's day, and be gentle voiced and calm no matter how bad the situation. Don't talk about yourself, its their time to release their fears and anxiety's. Always give someone support and confidence. Never jinx anyone or have bad thoughts..not only do they harm others, but they too stay with you as guilt and will come back to you 3x3.

the foods you eat and things you do can heal all the greens (pesticide free) you can, vegetables and herbs are what the creator put here for us. As it says in the Bible...For every sickness man creates, there is a cure found in nature in the plants and trees. He would not allow sickness with out a cure. (only problem is when man discovers the cure he ads chemicals or uses pesticides then they are reproduced and even recreated synthetically) After all the government runs on these big chemical companies they wont let you buy Chapparal, they took it off every health food store when they found it cured cancer....and every day a new natural cure is discovered..its being taken off our shelves or made unbearably unaffordable. If you are a work-a-holic, someone with yourself a favor..take time out durring the day..and just listen to some quiet music, or go for a drive, maybe sit in a nice warm tub with candles. Even if its for 15 minutes...when everyone's asleep. Or before the children wake or the husband goes to work wake up a few minutes before and step outside and look at can do nothing but calm you. These all are ways to help heal yourself..and then you can heal others. Oh and don't forget to smile when you look in that mirror each day.. love yourself...not because of your looks...but because of who you are inside.


Yes.. the creator does listen..if you talk to him .. you can reach others by meditation ..such as your angels and spirit guides. The more you keep in contact with him the more you will hear him and feel must always stay close and show him your love. We are God, he lives within us, make your body a healthy holy place for him to dwell. As Fools Crow says, make yourself that hollow bone for the creator to fill up every day with love and knowledge and healing. Then pass it on.
All of us can learn to heal ourselves and each other
Just one smile or an extended hand can give healing to another.
I have been making "Healing Angels" (Keets Angels) for 6 years now. You may wonder how and why I got started....well...about 12 years ago my sister got cancer which eventually took her life. I had the tools the knowings then but just didn't know it. She chose her own path of chemo and radiation, I didn't agree but that was her choice, her life. I researched every natural way to heal her but she wasn't comfortable with that path. So I had to find another way to heal her..or prepare her. I figured if I cant get to her physically I will spiritually...I will tap the soul.
That's when I started making my angels. Her angel was taken to the spirit world with her at her request. It accompanied her to the hospital for treatment and slept with her every night for comfort. So....... afterwards.... I started out sending them to anyone and everyone in need.... then people started asking for more for their friends and family..... as its the perfect gift to give when words or gifts seem at a loss. When people receive these little stuffed angels...they feel the energy I placed in them,they feel a closeness...a warmth....hope...and healing. It is our creator who allows this of course.... I am just one of his earth angels here making these little spirits for him to fill with love and healing energy that will then tap into yours. But only if you believe... in somehow ..someway..your life will change as you hold these little spirits near. Each angel is given a special name and is prayed over and Reiki charged by myself. ( Reiki... is basically a hands on healing type of practice, where the universes/our creators energy comes thru my body and hands and into the angels). As you hold them near, most of you will feel the sensation it will give you, a sensation of love and light and energy. Yes.. I am certified as a Reiki practitioner.
I have many stories/miracles that have happened with my angels...but I will not go into detail here. If you are interested, I will share them with you at my "Barrys Gift" website which can be found from "The Healing Place" link below. Each one is made by hand and Reiki charged....they are about 4 inches high... they are stuffed with cotton and made from cotton material, with real feather wings. Each comes with little gold trinkets,beads and a charm around their neck.
It is a great gift. There are people who have been healed physically, mentally, spiritually. The angels are just a tool.. they are made to be used as an instrument for you to work with. People have been sent these in the past for their own healing..of mind and body, for parents grieving from loss of children or family members, for children who are ill or dying who need hope and guidance. They have been bought for baby showers, and wedding favors, for communions, graduations, Christmas, you name it! When you think of it...when is an angel not appropriate for giving. My angels have made it all over the country, to Mickey Mantle and Rod Carews daughter, doctors, lawyers and many others... You can see my healing angel story on my other page entitled "Barrys Gift". That is just one of many connections my angels have made.
If you would like to purchase an angel for yourself or someone you love please

Healing the Body, Mind and Spirit through Prayer

How praying can heal

Cleansing the Spirit
By praying, we don't need to recite a special prayer, though in the bible Jesus asks us to pray the "Our Father". We can still speak to the Creator in our humble voices and our simple words. The Creator has so many gifts for us in our lifetime, but if we don't ask, we shall not recieve. Some of us were raised believing its not right or proper to ask. But he wants us to ask for even the unimaginable. By asking we show our faith, and we open new opportunities for ourselves. By praying we can ask for forgiveness, we can release all our guilt and angers and fears. For they are what is stopping us from living full wonderful happy lives that the Creator so intended for us to live.
Bringing peace to ones body, mind and spirit
Think of all the troubles you hold there, all the stress, all the anger and fear. We think we have to handle all that alone, but we don't. Spirit is there for us to help us. All we have to do is release all our fears and anxieties to him and he will take them away and replace it with faith and love. The Creator wants us to live in our bodies, and minds and spirits with peace and love surrounding us. We make life so complicated and difficult, and end up blaming him, or loosing our faith because we feel he failed us. He never fails, and he never fails us. We forget that he is there to take our troubles away, we can replace our fears, and anxieties with his love. If we live with open hearts, always welcoming in Spirit, he will always provide and protect us.
We often say, "Well I asked the Creator to help me out here, or to give me an answer, but obviously either he forgot me or he's not listening". You may even think you are not worthy enough for him to devote his time and love to. But you are. As long as you ask for forgiveness, you are forgiven. You are always heard, but do we always listen. No, we are not going to hear this big thunderous voice come down from the heavens and say.. Okay Tom, or Joe..etc.. Here I am, now listen to what I say. No, no, no, we hear his voice when we sit quietly and meditate. When we clear our heads of all conscious thoughts. When we are asleep at night, or bowing our head in prayer. You will hear a voice within you, that you feel in your heart, and it will stay with you and you will know, it is the voice of the Creator. He will tell you so many things, secrets you have been wanting to know. The Creator never abandons us, we only think so when we don't take the time to listen with our hearts.

Transformational Processes

Integrating exercise

Front door personality we project/Back door shadow side

Relax/Center yourself – breath
See a house-walk around
Go back to the front
Address beliefs, drives, parent values, attitudes/feelings

Now, go around back-is the shadow dark? angry?
Observe appearance: Doing, wearing, values, fundamental beliefs
Ask yourself - How is it expressed in my life
What is disowned – related to parent values
Core of sub-personality
Positive Quality
Beam of light/energy
My own attitudes toward values and what I believe in- integrating it into my life
Bring them both inside the house
Facilitate dialogue
“witness” what ‘is’
see the belief about the ‘other’
how would you feel if the shadow part is acknowledged & integrated
see th positive contribution to the 'whole
see yourself functioning as a 'team' – a healthier aspect of 'self' is the results & reward!

New Level of Functioning
Processing for Humanity

Identify a pattern you are ready to transform
find it in your body/experience it
notice: heavy, shape, color, texture, motion (even tension is a form of expressing)
exaggerate it to express what the energy is doing
What is the pattern attempting to do for you?
Notice what emotions are associated with it &the belief system is behind it
See the illusion it is based on
See how the pattern developed in your life & served you originally
Notice how it functions today & what the results are
Contintue to watch the pattern & what the insights are that come to you
Experience this watching from the heart center
Breath with your heart center
Convert it into joy & love
Watch the energy tranform - see what new perspective comes from this place
Watch from about 8" from your head (the Higher Self) - see what else you can learn about it

Take a few minutes to learn & feel - to register the parts impacted in the experience - 'digest'.

This is a SHIFT to a higher functioning; meeting your needs in a higher, more evolved way - there is body/mind integrations and you now operate and function from a 'new place'.

Your Nurturing Adult

Knows he/she is unique - you do not need to prove it
Allow your uniqueness to shine through!

Knows that the 'self' is important ~ as is everyone

Willing to love, to commit & to care

Willing to listen to find the 'spirit' of the point ~ sees similarites, finds 'Common Ground'

Honors emotions & feelings responsibly ~ not taking on anothers unhealthy emotional manipulations or dumping

Blends Humor with responsibility


Encouranges freedom

Generates healthy internal rules of self behavior ~ modify them when needed

Knows the Universe of consciousness ~ which is equal

Loves with responsibility ~ willing to accept impact

Allows equality and accepts it

Willing to explore the depths of love & loving

Sees in 'full color' not just black or white

Creating Abundance

I live in an abundant Universe - I always have everything I need

I create money and abundance through joy, aliveness, and self-love

My energy is focused an directed toward my goals

I focus on what I love and thus draw it to me

My thoughts are loving and positive

I choose the path of most LIGHT

I honor myself in everything I do

I am in integrity in all that I do

My beliefs create my reality - I believe in my unlimited prosperity

Money flows into my life - I am prosperous

I speak of success and prosperity - My words uplift and inspire others

I live in an abundant world - All is perfect in my universe

I surrender to my higher good

As I do what I love, abundance flow$ freely to me

I am linked with the unlimited abundance of the Universe

Miracles are love in action

I have a unique, special contribution to make

Everything I do adds beauty, harmony, order & LIGHT to the Universe

I am in charge of my destiny - I am the builder of my life

The Universe is safe, abundant & friendly

I follow my heart

I commit to my path - I choose aliveness & growth

I invite and allow good to come into my life

I flow like a river & so does my prosperity

I bring love & a positive attitude to everything I do

All the money I spend enriches society and comes back to me multiplied

Everything I give to others is a gift to myself - As I give I receive

Every gift I give others honors & acknowledges their worth

All my money is every awaiting my command to create good in my life

I give generously to myself

I serve others to the best of my ability in all I say and do

I am always being guided to the Higher Solution

I choose to live an abundant life!

Click here for free download the complete book of course NATURAL HEALING WITH THE SPIRITUAL GUIDES AND RADIESTHESIA (72 Kb Zip/PdF)


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