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Numerology is a very ancient practice used by Pythagora, based on the concept that all is number and numbers give off vibrations.

Words can be transformed in numbers since each letter has a numerical value.

Then our name can be translated in number and we will be under its influence for all our life.

If for instance during our life we use different names or a short name, we will be under the influence of different vibrations.

Besides, there are cycles ruling our life and these can be reckoned  by numbers.

Everyone has his personal cycles and numbers.

By numerology we can better realize the events in anybody’s life.

This charming subject also allows us to see the cycles development of life and everything around us, as for instance the fact that number 9 often recurs, since a cycle lasts for 9 years.

If you want to know better your personality, understand better the other people or even particular situations, you can get in touch here in the forum our expert (Katia) for further explanations about numerology and for the drafting of a personalized numerological theme. You’ll find out many interesting things about yourself and the world around you.


If you are interested in more detailed consultations about Numerology, in the drawing up of a numerological theme, and so on…

Please contact Katia



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