Crystal Healing

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Crystal Healing

an Alternative Energy Therapy

Gem Therapy

gem therapy

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Crystals have some effects over our energy balance that can be obtained with their use
We will not be touching here the use of crystal healing by means of a healer, we focus here into their use and the theory behind crystal healing.
Crystals can be used to increase the energy that causes our healing, both in our body and mind. Unbalances in our energy fields can be caused by our mind while focusing on negative aspects. When this occurs there is a time before the negative energy is replaced by positive energy. This replacement can be helped by certain crystals that relate to our energy centers - our chakras.
Let's see about the theory behind crystal healing. The Quantum theory considers the Universe and all things that make for it as existing in empty spaces with forms of energy moving within each space. Of course this includes our physical body which is an space with energy flowing in infinite forms through its own space. Our bodies handle energy like the one involved in feeding, breathing, waste expelling, etc. And also other energy handling occurs while our emotions, thoughts and spiritual aspects develop. As both, our physical and non-physical energy handling occurs within the same space - which includes our body and mind energy - that's why the close interaction that both have.
The healing processes are considered as special flows of energy that change the way the destructive energy flows behave. These special flows of energy can be helped by the use of a crystal to improve and speed up the healing processes. A Crystal can be used as a tool to give to the healing flow of energy an important boost, focusing, and added power to achieve cure.
Through the use of a crystal as a tool we can enhance, not just our health, also anything we undertake. Although a crystal occupy a different space than our body an mind, within the Universe there occur an interaction between our body-mind and the crystal's energy forms. The interaction is done through shared properties resulting from the energy flows. By example, the electromagnetic properties of a Quartz crystal share the same type of electromagnetic properties of the body, thus somehow the crystal's electromagnetic energy flows can positively interact with the same electromagnetic energy flows of the human body.
Healing with crystals can be explained by the Quantun theory. This theory help to explain the effect of crystals in our psychological and biological life. Anyway, even disregarding the Quantum theory, the use of crystals have been a beneficial practice done by people through centuries. Through this practice the use of some crystals have been found beneficial for our healing processes.
Below is listed the use of some crystals.

Crystals of a color and energy corresponding to the chakra points have been found to have cleansing and energizing properties that interact with the chakras causing on them the corresponding effects.


The following stones are commonly used in crystal therapy.  The stone is listed along with its purported effects.

amethyst         Linked to the mind, amethyst increases hormone production and strengthens the cardiovascular and immune systems, the blood, the metabolism and the organs of cleansing.  It also aids in nerve signaling and transmission and increases memory and communication.  Finally, it can aid in the clearing of stomach problems and headaches; the treatment of the eyes, scalp, hair, and pituitary gland; and the decrease of anger and the effects of diabetes.
aquamarine    Aquamarine calms the body and relieves anxiety while strengthening the cardiovascular, immune and lymphatic systems.
bloodstone      Bloodstone strengthens the circulatory system and aids in the detoxification of the kidney, liver, spleen and blood.  It bears a minor influence on the bones, heart and reproductive organs.
calcite      Calcite benefits the cleansing organs and the bones and joints.  It further sharpens mental clarity and boosts the memory.
carnelian        Carnelian balances creativity and thoughts.  It exercises strengthening effects on the reproductive organs, pancreas, kidneys and gallbladder.  Like bloodstone, it purifies the liver and the blood.  Carnelian serves also to soothe lower back pain, arthritic pain and cramps, and it alleviates allergies.  It boosts confidence and increases appetite and sexuality.
citrine       Citrine has the power to alleviate gastroesophageal reflux (GERD) and allergies.  Its energy has an uplifting effect and increases problem-solving abilities.  It can also correctly align the spine and strengthen the genitourinary and gastrointestinal systems. 
clear quartz    This stone serves to create bodily harmony while purifying it and returning it to its least diseased state.
diamond          Diamonds increase trust, clarity, prosperity and love.  In addition, they increase energy while treating glaucoma and problems with the brain and the testicles.
emerald           Emeralds promote physical and emotional health.  They are the stones of inspiration, balance, healing and patience.  Emeralds have beneficial effects on blood sugar, childbirth, and the eyes, and they strengthen the thymus, the lymphatics, and the cardiorespiratory system.
garnet     This stone is one of creativity and passion.  It also strengthens the cardiovascular system.
ruby     The ruby decreases the effects of infections, harmful cholesterol and blood clots.  In addition, it allows anger to surface, it decreases impotency and increases vitality, stamina and leadership.  It is also a body purifier, and it strengthens the cardiovascular system.
sapphire          The sapphire decreases the effects of inflammation/fever, nosebleeds, tuberculosis, burns, tension, depression and confusion.  Sapphire is beneficial in removing foreign bodies from the eye

crystal healing.


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