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An holistic approach to health, happiness and personal fulfilment

An effective means of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing

fiore di loto 

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Reiki music (55 Mb) free mp3 newage passage lasting one hour composed by Roger Moretto, Master Reiki, to use for your Reiki sessions: every 3 minutes a bell will let you know you have to change position.


(Usui Method)

Reiki in Japanese means the vital energy that spreads through everything and is everywhere, even inside us. Rei is the boundless universal aspect, Ki is the aspect flowing in everything showing and living. So Rei = universe, Ki = energy; Reiki = universal energy. 
Reiki is a  method to connect in a conscious way our energy with the Universal Energy and to come in an active touch with it, to receive, to channel and to send it.   

Once we have received it, it allows us a very considerable psychic and inner expansion.

The energy of the person harmonized or activated by the master during the seminar, comes out of the hands and spontaneously activates every time he/she puts them everywhere it is necessary giving the opportunity to carry out the training and Reiki energetic treatments, beside for himself/herself, even for other people, animals, flowers, plants, to dynamize the water, the food and everything we can physically touch, so that he/she becomes a way, a bridge or a channel between the cosmic energy and the receiver besides benefit for himself/herself personally. Once the person has been harmonized, he/she will enjoy Reiki for all his/her life.    

It’s a very simple and powerful method, within everybody’s range, it takes again in a modern way the ancient healing teachings which are part of Buddhism. 

The seminars are subdivided in 3 degrees: the first gives us the opportunity to energetically interact on a physical level, the second one on a mental and distant level, the third one allows us to teach. 

Reiki is mainly based on the use of 4 symbols having different energetic, psychic and spiritual features that if are channelled in the wished way, can increase by far our mental, material and spiritual intentions linked to them.  

Reiki is passed on through the harmonizations or purifications of the energetic channels the master carries out during the courses to the receiver allowing him/her from that moment to channel the energy for all his/her life for himself/herself, for the others and for the situations. The  harmonization is a simple, delicate and intimate process the master carries out on the receiver putting his hands on his/her head using the relative symbols. I state that Reiki isn’t a religion, neither a dogma nor an esoteric dark practice.  

MIkao Usui    

Reiki is Reiki and today is within everybody’s range.

The above mentioned energetic channels in harmonization explanation are the acupuncture points called Chakras, or man psychophysical energetic centers I’ll explain in detail in the pages concerning the first degree. 
When a person has been made powerful and purified by the transmission of Reiki harmonizations, he/she will be able to get even more the universal energy channelling it when and how better he/she thinks suitable, considering some details or ethical conditions taught in the courses it imposes not to incur unpleasant “energetic incidents”. All this opens us to a great responsibility and awareness towards ourselves and all the world opening us to a totally new vision of what we are, more in syntony with the cosmic Laws.  

Reiki brings well-being and plenty to everything we channel considerably speeding up all psychic, spiritual and material evolutional processes. 


First degree course is given in a weekend (or 2 consecutive days). It allows to receive a very powerful energetic self-treatment instrument for the inner evolution to carry out half an hour per day about before sleeping or/and at the awakening or in any quiet moment of the day.
The energy of the person harmonized  by the master during the seminar, comes out of the hands and spontaneously activates every time he/she puts them everywhere it is necessary giving the opportunity to carry out the treatment, besides for himself/herself, even for the other people, animals, flowers, plants, to dynamize the water, the food and everything we can physically touch, so that he/she becomes a way, a bridge or a channel between the cosmic energy and the receiver besides benefit for himself/herself personally. Once the person has been harmonized, he/she will enjoy Reiki for all his/her life.  
The self-treatment is carried out by the hands apposition keeping them for a certain time changeable from 3 to 5 minutes (or if you want even for more) for position on the Chakras, that are man psychophysical points placed along the spine, getting this way a growing opening of the same points, speeding up and starting this way psychic and spiritual evolution processes as well as physical detoxication ones. 
Obviously this allows numberless advantages as illness prevention, longevity, positiveness and the clarification and elimination of unconscious emotional and mental blocks accumulated during the years which are the cause of every mental, physical and spiritual discord of ours.   

Every Chakra has different and well definite physical, mental, emotional and spiritual features. The main are seven, that are the ones we’re going to treat.  

Reiki first degree neo-expert energy, once he/she puts his/her hands on the point to treat, activates at once and more or less both at a quantitative and qualitative level, according to what it is needed to balance at that moment; since Reiki energy is clever, it apparently adapts itself to the actual energetic state of everything with which it comes in touch, acting undisturbed by our conscience and working then the most naturally and deeply, making this inner growth method very simple and at the same time more than ever very effective and suitable.   

At first this will create in the treated person and even more to the neo-expert in the next days after the harmonization, (but this is not a rule) some short and sometimes bizarre and harmless resolution crisis, as laugh with no sense, liberating tears, unconditional love for everything, a sensation of mentally flying, heavenly visions, indifference, mental vacuum, diarrhoea, and in exceptional cases, vomiting, and so on…. Every person has his/her own unconscious way to get rid of the old wounds he/she accumulated up to now, but we don’t have to be frightened by this.
Reiki boundless cosmic energy which is in everything, brings the balance everywhere it is channelled adapting to it everything which is in contrast with the real universal reality solving every discord which is in everything we touch and, for the second degree, we think.    

It’s certainly obvious that the results will be proportioned to the care that then everyone takes with himself/herself carrying out the treatment and the self-treatment, to the way everyone energetically opens himself/herself to the initial master’s harmonization, besides a good predisposition and trust specially for the first degrees and to accept Reiki energy. Anyway, for a great many people it acts very positively radically changing their life.  

Then it would be decidedly positive to often organize some meetings with all the initiates where they can reciprocally exchange the treatment, remembering that even who gives Reiki energy, since he/she is a channel, he/she also benefit by the energy at the same way of the person who gets it. The unconscious aim of each living being is the one to interact the nearest as possible with this reality and doing like this by means of Reiki, we will enjoy numberless benefits on every level.  

You need to get first degree course to energetically prepare yourself  to receive after two months of self-treatment with the same, the next second degree course which allows us to channel the energy in a more direct and wider way as well as to increase it further on to get to the heart of this extraordinary discipline. 


First day 

  1) Reiki short history 

  2) What is Reiki (the concept of energy)

  3) Reiki how and why

  4) The harmonization

  5) First individual harmonization (10 minutes about for participant)  

  6) Comments and impressions

  7) How Reiki acts

  Reiki experiences

  9) Second individual harmonization  

10) Comments and impressions

11) Quite agnostic general implications of an ethical/spiritual kind 

12) Conclusions   

Second day

  1) Chakras and man energetic channels explanation

  2) Explanation of the energetic circulation in our body 

  3) Some Zen meditation techniques 

  4) Third individual harmonization 

  5) Comments and impressions

  6) How to carry out the energetic self-treatment

  7) How to carry out the treatment to other people

  Fourth and last individual harmonization
  9) Treatments exchanges among the participants

10) Comments and impressions

11) Conclusions



Usually, I give second degree seminars in one day.

Here we will introduce three symbols which ideally traced on what we want to get or we think, (for instance: mental, emotional balance, healings in general and so on… or situations for ourselves and the others), while we’re meditating, besides simples preliminaries, help us to concretize our noblest and most sincere intentions for our evolution and for the well-being of whom surrounds us, starting and considerably speeding up their realization.
All this opens us to boundless choice possibilities on the way to start working on a  given problem and so it is very important first of all to set a last aim to get and for a certain time work around it in the best and more and more suitable way.   

The carrying out times, as for first degree self/treatment, can not to exceed half an hour per day (obviously, more time we dedicate and better it is). We will teach associated techniques of  creative visualization, of deep meditation, explanation of the word power, of the right formulation of our intentions, of the meanings of each symbol and their wide use, some mentions of metaphysics, metapsychic, some cause-effect concepts according to the ethics, explained in a quite agnostic way, which regulates the cosmic Laws.          

Second degree Reiki energy considerably increases our personal power strengthening our will through the symbols and the experience of the simple and constant practice. 

My advise is that in the long run we need to determine more or less how far we can interact with our aims by Reiki, whatever they are, setting a gradual, more suitable and realizable work plan, this is given even by our initial natural predisposition and by our opening towards second degree harmonization and Reiki energy.     

Anyway, for everyone, the results will be grandiose and won’t be late in concretizing, always depending on the time and care we dedicate to this discipline.

Now, it’s up to the sensitiveness of everyone, once he/she has assimilated the second degree, to act and how, when and why use this very powerful and very joyful instrument for his/her own personal and inner self-realization.  

During second degree seminar, the master will carry out 2 harmonizations for participant.  


The third master degree allows to pass on the harmonizations to the others, that it it’s the one to create and to train experts of this discipline and to transfer all the experience we acquired. 

In general, there are really few people approaching to master third degree (both for the very high costs and for the training times that are decidedly longer) and usually these people will devote themselves to Reiki in their own life, as it happened to the undersigned.   

This even why the neo-promised master and the future neo-master, both before and after having received the third degree master course, will have to work and operate a in close touch with his master for six months about scrupulously following his directives. 

Anyway, it is possible, for who is interested, to get the third individual degree which requires just one harmonization of the energetic channels, besides getting knowledge of the very powerful fourth symbol which has a spiritual prerogative (which is needed even as a key to pass on all Reiki harmonizations) and can be introduced and very successfully used in all disciplines bound to the second degree, becoming this way real experts and complete masters of oneself by means of Reiki.  

During the third individual degree course, the master won’t teach then the delicate procedure which will allow to harmonize and to create new Reiki experts.

Before getting the third individual degree course, six months at least will have to pass from the last second degree harmonization, besides having learnt and constantly worked with the same. 

These minimum times, changeable according to third individual degree candidate student’s preparation level, will be valued by the master who will have to check, before admitting him/her to this course, his/her final energetic settlement due to the previous second degree, not to risk to overwhelm him/her with the really high energy which is released by this last and very powerful harmonization.    

The times to give third individual degree course are reduced at half a day since, besides the harmonization which lasts more or less 10 minutes for each student, there is just to pass on the energetic explanation and the use, as well as the graphic picture of  the fourth symbol. 

fiore di loto 

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reiki treatment

Reiki Treatment

Would you like to organize a Reiki, Radionics and Radiesthesia group in your town??? Ruggero Moretto will be glad to personally follow and with great enthusiasm people coming from any part of U.S., U.K., from abroad and everywhere you'd like to organize your groups

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REIKI (ray-key) is a Japanese word meaning "Universal Life Energy".  The word 'Rei' can be more accurately interpreted to mean higher knowledge or spiritual consciousness.  This is the wisdom that comes from God or the Higher Self.  It understands each person completely.  It knows the cause of all problems and difficulties and knows how to heal them.  The word 'ki' means the same as 'chi' in Chinese.  It is the vital life force in all living things.  It is present all around us and can be guided by the mind.  It is the God Consciousness called Rei that guides the life energy called Ki in the practice we call Reiki. Developed as a holistic therapy in Japan early last century by Mikao Usui, a deeply spiritual, well educated and highly respected man, and with its roots in ancient Buddhism, Reiki is a unique form of stress reduction and energy healing that can be used by anyone both as an effective technique for deep relaxation and overall well-being and also as a spiritual practice for personal growth and development.   Reiki is a completely natural energy balancing therapy that uses healing touch to relieve stress and to boost, balance and strengthen the human energy field.  Reiki is energy. The type of Reiki I use is the Usui system of natural healing. There are other forms of Reiki. All work in the same, natural way. I am A Reiki Master Teacher and can trace my lineage From Dr Mikao Usui through Mrs Takata. Well known, respected all over the world, Reiki healing is a holistic energy therapy that works at every level of human existence - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  Reiki soothes the spirit, relaxes mind and body, and stimulates the body's natural ability to heal itself.  As well as reducing stress and anxiety, Reiki healing can also transform thought and behaviour patterns and restore the vitality and health that is our birthright.Reiki healing is a simple but profoundly effective technique that can be learnt by most people to calm and soothe, to induce a state of profound relaxation and to restore a feeling of well-being. Reiki energy is totally safe and can be of great support to everyone, from tiny babies to the frail and ill, the very elderly, and even to pets, farm animals and plants. Reiki healing gently and effectively complements all types of medical treatment and can significantly aid recovery, from simple challenges of mind or body to chronic or terminal illness.  There are millions of Reiki practitioners worldwide, and Reiki is used in many hospitals, private clinics, medical and Reiki healing centres throughout the UK-USA Reiki healing was developed as a particularly effective way of bringing us back to that awareness of who we really are, who we are truly meant to be - an awareness we were innocently in touch with as very young children but that tends to get lost amongst the pressures of adult life.HOW CAN IT HELP? Reiki can help many conditions:-Stress Cystitis Migraine Asthma insomnia Depression Eczema Headaches Arthritis Anxiety illness can be the result of a blockage of energy caused by lifestyle habits, stress, or negative emotions.  When the body systems are under stress and strain, an adverse or unnatural flow can result, causing dysfunction or dis-ease.  Non-invasive and gentle, Reiki opens up the energy pathways, removes blocks, and reawakens the healing capacity within all of us.  It is this free-flowing, balanced energy in the system which facilitates the healing processes of the body, mind and spirit. Reiki is complementary to most forms of medicine and treatments. It is a natural and holistic way of treating disease. You should never discontinue conventional treatments without consultation with your medical practitioner.

The person having the treatment generally feels a deep sense of relaxation. They may feel a sensation of warmth or tingling. As energy comes back into balance, stress and tension will be released.

Clients will sleep more soundly and feel more at peace. The treatment also has a mild de-toxifying effect.

The treatment is the use of Reiki energy to facilitate and promote the body’s natural healing and regeneration processes. A Reiki treatment is simple and non-intrusive. It takes place fully clothed in a comfortable and safe environment. 
The practitioner will gently place their hands in a sequence of positions above the Chakra's and hold them there for a few minutes. Sometimes the hands will be on the body, and sometimes just above the body. 
With Reiki the whole body is treated and not just an isolated area. It enables the Reiki energy to go to the source of the imbalance and does not just treat the symptoms.   

Reiki energy goes to the deeper levels of a persons being. It goes to where the recipient needs it most – releasing blocked energy, cleansing the body toxins, relieving stress, alleviating pain and working to recreate the body’s natural state of balance. It works on three levels, spiritual, physical and emotional, ensuring all are free of blocked energy and are in balance. Reiki Masters believe that Reiki energy is the highest spiritual energy. 
Reiki can be described as “the use of energy to help a person, animal or situation”


Reiki is passed down from a Master teacher to a pupil. You therefore will need to find a Reiki Master Teacher who will be able to "Attune" you to the Reiki energy and instruct you about the hand positions and the Chakras'. All Usui Reiki Masters can trace their lineage back to Dr Usui. 


This is the simple form of gentle, hands on Reiki.

This is a more advanced level of Reiki and uses sacred symbols to increase the level of energy. Reiki II energy can be sent to heal people at a distance.

REIKI IIIa Master Practitioner
This is Master level Reiki and uses an additional Master symbol to access this. Further tools and techniques are added to the application of Reiki treatment.

REIKI IIIb Master Teacher (sometimes referred to as Reiki IV)
This is the final degree of Reiki and during the attunement you obtain further Master symbols which enable you to attune people to the Reiki energy.

Emotional or health problems tend to occur in areas where Ki is disrupted or blocked. These disruptions can be caused from many situations occurring in our lives, such as injury, emotional or physical trauma, negative thoughts and emotions, nutritional depletion or toxicity, destructive relationships and lifestyles, and neglect of the self or the lack of love for oneself or others. Ki is present all around us and can be accumulated and guided by the mind.

A person receiving Reiki goes into a deeply relaxed state also referred to as the healing state. The conscious mind is invited to rest, giving the unconscious mind free reign to do its healing work more efficiently. When one receives Reiki, blocks and disruptions are cleared away and replaced with the highest level of life force energy, reestablishing the free flow of Ki through the energy channels in the body. Reiki can be used anytime, any place, for any condition. It is for preventing disorders, maintaining positive wellness and helping the healing process.

Reiki can clear your path to facilitate your highest and holiest experience. It is compatible with all beliefs and can enhance your spiritual experience. Receiving Reiki is a direct experience of the highest power.

If you haven't experienced a Reiki treatment yet, it may be difficult to imagine what exactly Reiki is.

Reiki means 'Universal Life Force', a subtle form of energy that can be found all around us. Nothing spooky or extra-ordinary, just energy. This energy is known under various names such as Ki, Chi, Prana, etc. Energy can be used by any living creature to enhance its well-being; it is a healing power.

Reiki is similar to Spiritual healing although there are a few significant differences that make Reiki more subtle and safer. Reiki can only be chanelled in a positive manner; neither the healer nor the healee (the person that is been treated) can be affected by negative or bad energy from the other person.

Reiki is also not 'pushed' by the healer; it is drawn in through the healer by the healee if s/he needs and wants the healing energy. This means that it can not be forced upon a person as in other forms of healing. The healing process is fully controlled by the healee and the Reiki practitioner just acts as the medium.

Reiki can not be taught by a book as other healing processes; the practitioner needs an initiation to open his/her chakra's to enable the chanelling of the energy. This sounds rather mysterious or spooky, but it is just a simple (but sacred) ceremony.

Although there are 3 levels (degrees) in Reiki, all practitioners can equally well help other people by chanelling the Life Force. Level 2 and 3 practitioners can make use of additional 'tools' that can speed up the process or channel the energy in space or time (distant healing).

Reiki was re-discovered by Dr Usui, a Japanese monk, at the end of the 19th century. It was brought to the USA by Dr Hayashi and Mrs Takata and from here it spread over the world, known as 'The Usui system of Natural Healing'. Recently, various people have added bits and pieces to the initiation process but this is only for commercial reasons and adds nothing to the original, simple healing technique as handed over to us by Dr Usui.

Although everybody will experience a Reiki treatment in his/her own way, most people will feel it as 'comforting and relaxing heat'. It gives a feeling of comfort and well-being and all recipients feel calm and relaxed at the end of the treatment. It can very well be combined with various Complementary Medicine treatments, such as Aromatherapy, Massage or Reflexology.

Reiki lends itself extremely well for treatment of Stress, Psychological or Mental problems (including trauma's), Cysts or cancerous growths, Spinal problems (including Lumbar pains or slipped disks). It is safe for everybody and has no contra-indications or side-effects.

All ailments can be helped by Reiki but not all people. The reason for this is the fact that Reiki is drawn in by the healee so if the healee is not open-minded enough, nothing will happen! An exchange of Karma (payment or return of a favour) is also needed to make Reiki work properly. The bottom-line however is that it is your own body that will heal itself; not the healer!

Finally I would like to mention the 5 Reiki precepts:

  • Just for Today..... I'll not Anger
  • Just for Today..... I'll not Worry
  • Honour your Parents, Teachers and Elders
  • Show gratitude to all Living Beings
  • Earn your living honestly

This does not mean living like a Saint. Just think about each of these rules and try to imagine what they may mean to you! Then try to live by them (most of the time.....). 



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