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Kinesiology traditionally means the study of body movement, in particular the study of how muscles act and coordinate to move the body. However, in the natural health field the term Kinesiology is used in a different way. Here, muscles become monitors of stress and imbalance within the person where "muscle testing" - the technique used in Kinesiology - is used as a verification tool for detecting and correcting various imbalances in the person which may relate to emotional stress or physical stress, nutrition, learning problems, injuries and so on.


Essentially everything we need for survival, with the exception of food, air and water is found within the body itself. The human body is self-regulating, and self-healing. This means that in order to survive, our body must maintain balance and is constantly monitoring itself and the environment via our nervous system and making the appropriate adjustments and changes. The cerebellum, the "computer" in the brain, is responsible for these adjustments and responses and signals are sent between the muscle and brain via the nerve pathways.


Living a stressful life style, as most of us do, sometimes we are unable to adjust and respond in an appropriate way and then the signals between body and brain become unclear. This shows up as a change of muscle response that is abnormal via muscle testing.
A Specialised Kinesiologist tests a person's muscle and monitors the response of that muscle test and in so doing is able to find out where the person is not coping or is unable to adapt in their life.


A Specialised Kinesiologist however, does not only work with how the muscles relate to physical movement in a person. When we are under stress, either mentally, emotionally or physically our body talks to us through symptoms or dis-ease. This is the messenger that our body uses to focus our attention to the fact that we are not living to our full potential. Disease or dis-ease results from blocking the flow of life and symptoms are the body's way of dealing with the blockage. Treating symptoms is like killing the messenger for bringing bad news. By treating symptoms we are suppressing the body's way of expressing that we are unable to adapt. So the symptom is not the problem it is merely the messenger. Therefore it is important to find out what the message is and what area of your life it is telling you about!
For example, have you ever loved and lost? Have you ever experienced that while the relationship was going well, you had abundant energy, could stay up late, eat junk food and yet felt on top of the world? Then, when the relationship fell apart, you suddenly felt unworthy / depressed /hopeless / angry… and you got physically ill - perhaps in the form of back pain or neck pain? What was the real cause of the pain? Something you did physically "wrong"? Or was it perhaps an outer manifestation of your internal state that affected your physical body?
In the above example if we just worked on the pain and the muscles of the neck and back, we may be missing the real cause, i.e. the person's inability to adapt to the new circumstances in the relationship. In other words it is important to see the pain, "disease" or negative patterns as a messenger. As Kinesiologists we want to find out what is the message behind the symptom!

Therefore a Kinesiologist;

  • Uses muscle testing to verify responses - to see if those responses are appropriate or inappropriate for a person
  • Works in all areas - i.e. mentally, emotionally, and physically with a person - e.g. relationship issues, emotional stress, learning difficulties, physical aches and pains, food intolerances.
  • Uses kinesiology protocols to effect a positive change.
  • Finds the "age of cause" for any issue that a person may have. I.e. the memory cells that may be related to or are maintaining the inability to adapt.



Dr George Goodhart, a chiropractor came up with the idea of working with the muscles in the body to enable the spinal manipulation that he used in chiropractic to hold better and last longer. Along with his knowledge of muscles, Dr Goodhart incorporated other modalities, mostly from the Chinese system of medicine to develop Applied Kinesiology.
Dr John This, also a chiropractor, and a student of Dr Goodheart's realized the value of Applied Kinesiology in home health care for the general public. He systemised Kinesiology for the layperson by writing the Touch for health Manual and taught workshops allowing people to take responsibility for their own health and well being using simple techniques. Touch for Health is now taught worldwide and has been translated into many languages.
Other branches of Kinesiology have also sprouted from these simple beginnings. Generally known as Specialised Kinesiology it incorporates many different modalities and techniques in a system to help a person in all areas of their life, - mental, emotional and physical.


An simple system of natural self healing by the kinesiologic diagnosis by Roger Moretto practice which lets us to carry out a self therapy with stones and crystals. First of all we say that every answer we all are to know is in everything, in every living being, then also in us. But which is the question we should ask to ourselves?
Its very simple: what to I need to get the right vital nourishment for a totally harmonious life? Then how can we ask ourselves this question to get the right directive?
The answer is in what is defined the kinesiologic self diagnosis which well see how to carry out on ourselves.
Yet we give now a short mention on which materially can give us this right vital nourishment helping us to prevent and even to heal every discord which still asffect our life that is the stones and crystals.
Everything living on earth and which we know as life (hereafter the famous 5 elements) we have listed as follows: the human kingdom, the animal kingdom, the vegetal kingdom and at last the mineral kingdom (that is stones and crystals) then it is spontaneous to think that if life is also in the mineral kingdom, we can draw vital resources also from this last we say also that stones and crystals have some radioactive (or energetic) properties which have their own vibration or wave length (or vital energy) each according to the type and quality which put in contact with human subjects can, according to the case and to the subject, give their vital energies according to the type of interaction.
Then, by the kinesiologic self diagnosis (or muscular test) we can know which stones and crystals can give us by their vital properties what we need to restore the right bioenergetic balance to help us to solve all our health problems both physical and mental, also doing a self prevention work.


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