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MANUAL Instructions Chromo Radionics Software 1.0 Vers. (PdF 305 Kb)

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The minimum requirements needed to launch the ChromoRadionics software are the following:

Window 98-2000-Millenium-XpHome-XpPro
700 Mhz
256 Mb Ram
15 Mb Hd


The digital radionic program Chromoradionics Software, developed on purpose for the most expert radiesthesistians, who continually ask for the highest precision as to radionic emission quality to carry out more suitable and precise therapies, makes use of the radionic method of the cases where the colour, the resonance frequency between the receiver witness picture and the tested coloured cases, and the emission times in relative seconds will be assigned.

So the characteristic of ChromoRadionics Software is just to channel on the receiver a series of coloured cases chosen by the radiesthesic test, and thanks to software running, to make them enter in resonance with the same receiving subject picture by a certain number of blinking frequencies always tested by radiesthesia. When you have launched the therapeutic program, these coloured cases will blink simultaneously with the same receiving subject picture, sending this way at a distance by the bio-resonance effect the same energetic information contained in the colours radiesthesically placed in a particular point of the software grid; all is to look for by the radiesthesic test to carry out a suitable radionic emission.

Demonstration Video "ChromoRadionics 1.0" Software

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Besides it is also possible to stay comfortably sitting in front of the monitor to absorb the beneficient frequencies of all the therapeutic programs produced by ChromoRadionics Software.


Till now to produce radionic therapeutic emissions at a distance, digital radionic softwares used rates automatic production and witnesses-pictures that the program somehow processed by the intention-thought written and inserted by the operator in the same program, while by ChromoRadionics system, today it is possible to develop some suitable therapeutic programs only by a deep radesthesic test carried out by the operator: our researches and experiences realized till now have led us to the conclusion that all the kind of digital radionic emissions carried out by the radiesthesic test through particular methods later mentioned in this utilization manual, are much more suitable and precise, as the result of the radiesthesic test carried out by the expert operator has turned out much more fine and powerful with respect to a simple (and besides “cold&rdquo numerological mathematical calculus produced by the majority of the radionic softwares on sale in the world. So by these new systems of radiesthesic diagnosis you consequently create a therapeutic radionic emission of a best resonance and so of a best interaction with the receiver: ABOVE ALL for the production of radionic rates, or as in this case for the “replication” (as we’re going to see later on) of vibrational remedies to produce by ChromoRadionics software.

At this point the radiesthesic operator, when he has decided what kind of therapy he wants to carry out (or that he has tested by radiesthesia) so that he can find the most suitable radionic therapeutic vibrational combination to realize on his receiving subject a complete and suitable radionic emission at a distance, after having inserted his picture in jpg or .bmp in the proper case, writing the therapeutic action with the receiver address in the proper squares, the same radiesthesic operator will have to test always through his radiesthesic pendulum, by some radiesthesic graphics which are provided with the software, the following data:

- co-ordinate of the first radionic case (on 256 cases)
- the relative colour (on 256 colours)
- the relative Hz emission frequency (with a range from 0.1 Hz to 9.99 Hz)
- the times in relative seconds.

When you have tested and inserted in the program the first radionic case with the relative colour, the blinking frequency of the same and the relative emission times in seconds, the software will ask if it is necessary to test and insert in the same therapeutic program, another radionic case with the relative colour, frequency, and so on… until the radiesthesic pendulum shows us we have finished; at the end the software will also ask if the same therapeutic program will have to be repeated several times in a consecutive way.

Then to carry out the emission which is suitable for us, we have several variables to test with a wide range: 256 cases + 256 colours to assign, + 1.000 blinking frequencies + the relative seconds + the possibility to insert other cases with the relative above mentioned data + the loop repetition of all the same therapeutic program.

An example of therapeutic program for any subject could be the following:

- Co-ordinates of the FIRST case A-12
- Assigned colour D-5
- Emission frequency 5,25 Hz
- For 672 seconds

…. and then:

- Co-ordinates of the SECOND case F-6
- Assigned colour P-14
- Emission frequency 0,25 Hz
- For 235 seconds

…. and so on, until our radiesthesic pendulum will show us we have finished; at this point we’re asked how many times all the program should be repeated, so it could be 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 and more times, and so on…

Besides in the software there is also the opportunity to automatically produce any wished radionic emission at the time fixed in advance for any receiving subject besides programming several emissions for different subjects or groups of emissions for the same day in the relative times fixed in advance, letting the professional operator to program his work during the day in a simple and useful way.

This system, besides giving to the operator the opportunity to run emissions groups of therapy at a distance in a simply way, also suits to the receiving subject exigence to get the radionic therapy at a distance at the times when he’s more receptive from the radiesthesic test to the same therapy, improving further on the emission quality and above all the final therapeutic results.

For instance, if we schedule that:

- the therapeutic program No. 1 for John Smith lasting 40 minutes has to start at 9 o’clock, and….
- then at 11 has to start the program No. 2 for Robert Gretz lasting 63 minutes, and….
- then at 15.30 has to start the program No. 3 for Adam Hunt lasting 52 minutes, ….

…it is possible to create a file where you’ll insert the above mentioned programs which have to be produced at the times fixed in advance during the day, you can recall this file when you like in the next days, programming this way a group of therapies for a certain number of receivers for the next weeks or months even every other day.

At last, the operator, when he has inserted a certain group of emissions, he can leave his PC lit up all day long so that the software can produce at the times fixed in advance the relative therapeutic radionic emissions.

Note: to save current the software is equipped with an automatic system for the deshabilitation (or HIBERNATION) of the Pc setting it in Stand-By function; this will execute the partial extinction after completing the first emission or therapeutic program, to relight it then automatically when the program launches (always automatically) the second radionic emission at a distance for another receiving subject, saving this way even the 90/95% of the cost of the electric energy

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ChromoRadionics Trial Software is simply a demonstrative software about the potentialities of ChromoRadionics system.
Many functionalities aren’t activated in this version.

From File/Open menu you can select one of the five programs at your disposal.
Program no. 1 is a Test program to show ChromoRadionics running.

The user can partially work on the other four programs, he can change the picture and the text in the left case. The lengths and the cases have been inserted in the software from the beginning and can’t be altered.

So for the running of each of these 4 programs the user needs a picture of the person who will receive the therapy and a text of maximum 68 characters (name and surname, date and place of birth and residence address) he will insert.
During the installation you have at your disposal 4 standard pictures (which are perfectly the same) you will have to replace, as said before.
To do this you have to select a picture from File/Insert Photo menu.
Picture no. 1 will be combined with program no. 1 and so on. The user will be asked to choose a picture in his computer and this one will automatically replace the picture inserted during the installation.
At the end the user will have inserted a picture for each of the 4 programs at his disposal.

At this point you can launch the programs.
When you have selected the program to run in File /Open, the software will immediately start the relative program.
If the user wants to break it off he will click on Stop Execution.
To relaunch the program the user will have to click on Start/Replay.
During the running you can carefully follow the development of the program in the Therapeutic Program Flow window.
In the Trial version you haven’t the possibility to save the programs. Each time you set up the software you have to insert the text in the left window by hand, while the pictures will be stored and so they will always be combined with the relative programs.

From Options/Scheduling menu you can view the SCHEDULING panel.
Always in Options menu you can activate or desactivate the sounds.
From the Graphic menu you can view or print two graphics which you have at your disposal.


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