Radionic Sound Therapy

Radionic Sound Therapy
Sounds energy and music healing power


All the energetic universe is expressed by vibrations

All the universe is a symphony of sounds, notes and rhythm where every part inserts attracted by the resonance with similar sounds.

All the universe is a creative endless cosmic dance which moulds to infinity the material life


Radionic Sound Therapy is the art which studies and searches for the sound and frequency wave forms that better create bioresonance with any subject to help him/her to get balance and harmony in a natural way.

Starting from the concept that every sound has its own vibration, we can then in this case exploit even the vibrational properties of sounds and music for not conventional suitable and holistic therapeutic uses.

This new therapeutic method allows us, through the passive listening for a certain time of a series of boundless sounds tested on any subject, to restore a correct energetic circulation inside our body, helping this way the mind the spirit and emotions to find again the right inner harmony and consequently to get the healing of the physical body.


By the practice of radiesthesia and by a witness picture of any subject, itís possible to realize by the help of suitable digital softwares the right sound, rhythmic and frequency combinations which any subject needs to get his/her own psycho biophysical balance.††

These sounds and their relative vibrations get together in a only sound in .mp3 or .wav file lasting 30 minutes about. Then to carry out this kind of vibrational therapy itís necessary by your own headphones, to passively listen these sounds comfortably lying down for all the time of the fixed length once a day for a certain period changeable at first from one to three months.


Besides this therapeutic method acts at first at a transcranial level since the sounds energy is absorbed by the subject through the stereo headphones by the hearing stimulating this way the neuro transmitters of the two cerebral hemispheres to modify then little by little all the brain and the whole body vibration.

For who is interested to test this kind of therapy and for any information please contact

sending a picture in .jpg with his/her own data : name and surname, date of birth, residence address,

within few days youíll receive by email† the .mp3 file of the most suitable sounds to use to carry out the Radionic Sound Therapy.

>>> Radionic Sound Therapy free Sample (file zip/wav Mb 7.01)


Review of our patient / witness

A few years back, I was down with abdominal tuberculosis. Though, the medical reports verified it had cured, yet I continued to suffer from chronic diarrhoea, chronic failure of digestive power, excessive generation and accumulation of flatulence in abdomen and weak immunity. Being knowledgeable about homeopathy I used Bach flower remedies, gem essences and other vibrational remedies with relief but not total cure. Surfing the internet, I found and got to know about the unique work Mr. Ruggero Moretto is doing. Among the various therapies provided on his website, with his help, I decided to go for radionic sound therapy. Each remedy did something for better and since then my condition improved greatly. Actually, human body is multidimensional comprising of auric field, chakras, emotions, meridians, cells, etc. each having a frequency of its own which can be expressed as sound. Alterations in the correct vibratory rate of these systems results in diseases which are manifested as symptoms at physical level. Sound remedies work at very subtle level i.e. DNA and thus restores optimal funtioning of physical body gradually.


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