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Third degree Reiki


MIkao Usui

Reiki music (55 Mb) free mp3 newage passage lasting one hour composed by Roger Moretto, Master Reiki, to use for your Reiki sessions: every 3 minutes a bell will let you know you have to change position.


- Third degree Reiki (master)

- Practical advices

- Fourth symbol “DAI KO MYO” explanation


This is the decisive moment for a turning-point in your own life, devoting it mainly to this exceptional energetic discipline. The third degree (Master) is the one which allows us to teach all the Reiki system to other people, transferring in a fair and quite agnostic way all our Reiki experience we previously acquired and worked out personally in the long run. In third degree seminar (master) you learn how to pass on the activations or harmonizations of the energetic channels besides some advices for teaching. In this seminar we’ll introduce the 4th Reiki symbol which is the key to pass on all the harmonizations besides being used for direct healings by the treatments learnt in second degree seminar.


Make sure you have an elementary knowledge of the anatomy, explain to people what are the energetic channels (charkas) and the concept of energy. Teach some meditation techniques that are the most suitable for you to carry out during your seminars besides passing on well the hands positions giving people the time to practise and to exchange the treatments creating a stimulating group who gets on well.

Tell people to drink a lot of water during the first days of practice and after the harmonizations, to do a warm bath with 1 kilogram of kitchen salt to clean the aura.

Suggest that the persons spend a quiet night after every session and harmonization, ask them to stay constantly in contact with the energy as much as possible. Usually, before giving the harmonizations of the next degrees, its better you let pass 2 or 3 months at least between the first and the second degree and one year or more for the third; anyway, it will be your inwardness that will suggest you the right moment for each person.

Before teaching the next degrees, make sure that the applicants have examined carefully in a total way every detail of the previous degrees and that they are seriously motivated in a healthy way.

Before starting to teach, carefully do, with your teaching method, a well organized plan of the subjects for each degree on lecture notes created by yourself, giving prominence to every detail point by point in a simple, short and clear way, remembering you’re teaching Reiki and not your free interpretations on this subject; so distrust every comparison that is little constructive on these interpretations and on your teaching methods with your master colleagues; your motto has to be:


fiore di loto              


Preeminently, it’s the symbol of the spiritual healing from the soul of everyone. You need this very powerful symbol as a key to pass on all Reiki harmonizations and besides you can successfully use it by direct healings by second degree treatments helping to harmonize the spiritual level of the receiver.

Ideally tracing it and invoking it for three times on every visualization or mental intention of ours by the words, the messages or any energetic treatment, we can draw a greater strength ruled by the highest heavenly and spiritual intelligences, strengthen it then further on by the first symbol (CKR) or by the other symbols of the second degree.

There aren’t particular times or points defined in an analytic way about how and when one can use DKM besides the transmission of the harmonization and so use it in every treatment when your inwardness and experience suggest you realizing that this is a very powerful symbol  and it acts at a spiritual level in a very piercing way. Besides, it is possible to trace it even on the seventh Chakra (bran pan) which is our psycho-spiritual point and where we draw even more the Universal energy and then we can intuitively apply DKM especially in this area, besides on the 4th chakra (heart).   


reiki treatment

Roger Moretto REIKI Master

Would you like to organize a Reiki, Radionics and Radiesthesia group in your town??? Ruggero Moretto will be glad to personally follow and with great enthusiasm people coming from any part of U.S., U.K., from abroad and everywhere you'd like to organize your groups

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Reach for the sky in your heart

Your true potential is limitless. You are god, you are royalty. Allow yourself to be treated that way. Treat yourself well for you are the utmost expression of the divine in 3d physical reality. The real illusion is that we create our reality with our intention and our focus.

The purest expression of the divine is manifest in your body. A beacon of pure source energy is present in you.

Allow yourself to laugh, sing, dance and do whatever it takes to move energy through your body. You are a conduit for light, healing and transcendent energy therefore connect all the wires for the experience of all's divinity.

The healing path is one we are all on. Together we are moving forward, ascending, shifting to a harmonious existence of peace and oneness. This experience we are having as an expression of the divine is, but a dream and we are awake...

We have awoken from our slumber and are feeling our oneness.
The pureness within us all will always shine bright.
May the pureness within you guide you always



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