Walzuyh Bread


Radionic Energetic Bread

pane walzuyh  pane di Walzuyh

Result of the last radiesthesic researches carried out by Ruggero Moretto with his Belgian pupils.

radiestesisti  radiestesisti 

It has been found that with a blend of flours, according to well fixed proportions and always tested with radiesthesia on 13 different types of flours, it’s possible to realize a special bread (then said WALZUYH* bread). This has vibratory properties to induce and prepare our body for a very good assimilation and digestibility with a perfect intestine regulation, allowing the vital energy of our body to freely circulate in an harmonic way.

It is recommended for those who practise all the holistic and energetic disciplines, as well as for those who have special natural diets. 

pane di Walzuyh

The components order, the kneading times, the doughs rests, the manipulations number and the cooking time have been studied with the same optics. The kneading water rests all night long on the bread RADIONIC MANDALA to magnetize.

Walzuyh Bread (that Belgian radiesthesistians nicely even call the Bread if Gods) has a particular taste to satisfy all people and to suit harmoniously with all kind of food. Walzuyh Bread can be kept for 5/6 days.

Besides, it has been noticed that the bread energy was stronger when it was well oriented: the orientation isn’t the same for all breads, it depends on the shape of each bread (hand-made) and anyway it needs to be found through the radiesthesic pendulum.

* WALZUYH word is the tested mantra (or active word) recalling all vibratory healing powers of this radionic food; besides the mandala represented in the picture here below (that is also the logo of this extraordinary product) is also the active radionic figure always recalling the bread’s vibratory and energetic actions. Printing this drawing it’s possible to use it as a classic radionic graph, watching it passively, loading some water or put the receiver’s witness in the center; this way you can verify the bread’s real property. 

Mandala Walzuyh

Please Note: You can repeat WALZUYH word mentally and consciously three or more times as you’re tasting it, to better exalt the beneficent and vibratory properties of this radionic food.

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