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All of us have some innate psychic capacities, but the most of us don't develop or use them. The mind development and stress control techniques aim, mainly, to conduct the mind, in order for a more effective use of the brain potential, as well as for stress control with relaxation aid.

With mind development and stress control techniques, we raise a more effective utilization of our brain, as well as we learn to control or stress states, involving relaxation methods.

When we learn to control our mind, and, in consequence, our brain, we have the possibility to outline our life and assume a determinate inside position that offer us the opportunity to shape our life, since the moment that we start our action, and our decisions will start to go from inside to outside. Our life could benefit in several subjects, namely health, relationships, professional life, self development, as well as we could use this techniques to help other persons.

The mind is the sensorial faculty of the human intelligence, in the same way that vision is the sensorial faculty of the eyes, the audition is the sensorial faculty of the ears, and so on. It seems that its function is to catch the information collected and stored by the other senses, in the cerebral neurons, and its able to catch and impress information in the living cell, either its near or far.

The brain works like a file, and there is stored information since the first being of this planet. In that stage, the information worked in a primitive level of animal life, that gradually arrive to our days, by the several different means of transmission, including the genetic.

Our brain can work in several levels of activity, corresponding to several frequencies (electric impulses by unit of time), grouped in the correspondent levels, which adjust to the task or activity that we are executing at the moment. For example: thinking or processing data correspond to a determined level, nevertheless relaxation and sleeping correspond to three more deep levels.

According to scientific studies about this subject, the brain waves could be divided in the following distinct levels of frequencies
BETA Level Brain frequencies above 14 cycles per second. Corresponding to the outside level of conscience, or the vigil state, and is associated with the physic world, to action, to the 5 senses (vision, audition, smell, taste and touch) and the perception of spatial dimensions and time;

ALFA Level Brain frequencies between 7 and 14 cycles per second. It's the raised inner level of conscience, and is associated to the spiritual world, thoughts and intuition or inside senses, where the concepts of space and time stop existing. Could be achieved by relaxation, meditation, when our mind is "just far from hear" (during the day) or sleeping (at night). In the most of the times the hypnotic state takes place at this level, as well as in some psychic experiences;

TETA Level Brain frequencies between 4 and 7 cycles per second. It's a deeper inner level of conscience, that could occur in deeper relaxation or sleeping states and were it seems that our emotional experiences are recorded. It's the deeper level that could be achieved in conscience, it's a powerful level for psychic experiences and is, sometimes, used in anesthesia for dental surgery, painless child birth, etc.;

DELTA Level Brain frequencies between 0,5 and 4 cycles per second. It's the level of full unconsciousness, in deep sleep, of only resting, without activity.

The human being could learn to achieve, with relaxation techniques, and work conscious in the ALFA level (or even TETA), when he wants, searching for information that is unavailable to the 5 physic senses and programming is mind to be more healthy (in physic, mental and spiritual ways), productive, able to solve problems, as well as to eliminate harmful vices and develop positive habits.

The inner levels of conscience, particularly ALFA, could be achieved from several ways, namely by hypnosis, relaxation, meditation, praying and other similar techniques.

In the health field, the application of mind development and stress control techniques is of great benefit, and is advisable, either for physicians and therapists (conventional or alternative) or for the patients. Although this techniques don't substitute medical care, they strength the effects of conventional or alternative therapies and make propitious the establishment and maintenance of the health in its several ways, namely physic, mental and spiritual.


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