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The Zapper we see today is nothing but the application of principles discovered more than a half century ago, but never put into practice for commercial speculation reasons. A good quality zapper once you have bought it, lasts forever, instead you have to buy antibiotics and similar medicines, which give greater profits, various times a year. This instrument, the result of the studies of the famous lady Doctor Clark is able to remove pathogenic micro-organisms which can cause migraine, hypertension, diabetes, Alzheimer disease, Parkinson disease, tumors and other diseases. As she describes in her book “The treatment of all diseases” published by Macro Editions. The lady Doctor Clark referring to what had already been discovered by George Lakhovsky, who, already eighty years ago about affirmed that the mitocondres which are in every cell behave as “cellular oscillating circuits” and to the studies carried out by Raimond Royal Rife who has catalogued the frequencies and the vibratory features of the various micro-organisms affirming that every living microbe, fungus or micro-organism has a resonance frequency and it is very sensible to the electricity and to EM (Electromagnetic) fields, has thought that if we could succeed in combining these two factors in the most suitable way, it had been possible to remove any micro-organism in few minutes, with no damage for our body. The Zapper is nothing but the result of these studies, in fact with this instrument we have all the necessary to remove almost any infection with no cost, without poisoning ourselves with chemical products, without introducing pollutions or secondary effects which favour fungus and moulds invasions in our body without risking infections as hepatitis or worse.

How does the Zapper act?

The Zapper acts in three ways:

1 – By alternating electricity, since direct electricity doesn’t pass well through our body. Few volts are deadly for micro-organisms as thousands of volts are deadly for us. Only 5 alternating volts are enough and the zapper is the electric chair for parasites and micro-organisms.

2 – By the harmonics produced by the oscillator, the same of every micro-organism and usually this is enough to kill it, provided it is taken around on few volts. Every microbe, fungus or virus has his own resonance frequency and giving 3-4 volts by his exact frequency you can kill one of these and maybe not the others. But practically, by only some other volts you remove also others which have very different frequencies; and you don’t have to worry so much about the exact frequency for the oscillator.

3 – By the positive and not negative electricity. Negative electricity and even negative ions are good for our health, the positive one is not good but few volts are deadly for microbes, instead for very complex organisms as ours they are quite negligible.

The three above-mentioned effects act simultaneously, when we take the electrodes of the zapper in our hands the alternating current they give out normally looks for the shorter way between the electrodes and begin to flow on the hollow organs surface (stomach, gall-bladder, intestine, etc. so it isn’t directed to a specific organ but it act rather everywhere in the body) and on the skin, the micro-organisms hidden in the cells are destroyed. But maybe the zapper has even a fourth  kind of action: since the blood circulating is almost all submitted to the action of the zapper, it is at once cleaned up from traces of fungus, moulds, parasites eggs, microbes, etc.

How is the Zapper like?

The Zapper is a small box from where there are two cables coming out having at their end two bracelets or two copper cylinders, the bracelets are placed on the wrists or on other fixed points, the two cylinders have to be held in the hands for the application time.

So it is recommended to use this instrument for a series of phases of 7 minutes length for each.

In these phases the “current” will point out some determined parasites, weaken them at first and killing them then.

By this first cycle of therapy you will deliver (“detach” a great number of still living bacteria that then the body will have to “fight”. For this you have to use the instrument a second time for other 7 minutes, after a break from 20 to 40 minutes.

Even in this second phase the current will point out the bacteria and partially killed VIRUS or MICETI will be delivered. For this reason, after another break from 20 to 40 minutes, you have to use the instrument again for other 7 minutes: to destroy the last PATHOGENIC organisms.

The total length of a treatment will change then from an hour or an hour and half; during these phases you can read, watch TV or carry out other activities. It is important that during the treatment the electrodes stick to a part of the body or are being held in the hands.

Scheme No. 1:

-  1st application: 7 minutes

- 20-40 minutes break

- 2nd application: 7 minutes

- 20-40 minutes break

- 3rd application: 7 minutes

If you suffer from serious or chronic pathologies, it is recommended to daily follow the above-mentioned scheme for 4 weeks at least. After, it is recommended to use the instrument only “five days over seven” for a period of 3 further weeks.

After having got an improvement, some “preventive” treatments will be helpful; each of the length of ten minutes once a day for five days a week for other two weeks. This phase, we could define “maintenance” or “preservation” of obtained results, avoid that new pathogenic germs infections arise, so that the immune system can get its maximum efficency again: this is in fact the aim of each treatment.

Scheme no. 2:

- once a day for 10 minutes

- for 5 consecutive days and 2 days break

- for 3 weeks

This Scheme is not to be considered in a strict way, but it has to suit the needs of each person. During the use of the instrument an overload of the body can take place caused by toxic substances delivered when parasites, bacteria and miceti are killed.

If after a treatment you feel a certain asthenia with a light worsening of the symptoms, this means that your body is not able to quickly remove some toxins and/or the immune system is too weak. In this case it is recommended to pass to Scheme no. 2 or, if it is necessary, to further reduce the days of the therapy using the instrument only every 4 or even 3 days instead of the 5 suggested days. As soon as these worsening reactions will reduce you will be able to increase daily applications again.

Collateral effects:

There isn’t any collateral effect even because the current used is so much low that it doesn’t interfere in any way with the body functions.

Anyway the use of this instrument is discouraged for persons wearing pace-maker, for reasons linked to “electronic interferences”. The same thing is valid for pregnant women: since we don’t know yet if the toxins delivered killing the parasites in a heavy way can damage the embryo.

However, many pregnant women have reported that they used the instrument without negative effects.
Nevertheless we have to say that in these cases there aren’t systematic researches yet.



- It supplies an outlet square wave at 30.000 Hz (standard) and 2.500 Hz (more
  efficacious and deeper treatment) with 50% duty-cycle, according to Clark’s notes.
- Alimentation by a 9V battery (not included)
- Couple of adjustable bracelets for the wrists.
- Lighting and discharged battery luminous indicator

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