Pyramid Therapy

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PYRAMID  THERAPY                                                                                        

pyramid therapy

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(The beneficial aspects of pyramid geometry as mentioned in ancient vedas, which were an integral part of the egyptian and Mayan cultures, are not only restricted to spiritual advancement but also are instrumental in providing reliefs in a plethora of diseased conditions, such as asthma, arthritis, cancer, gangrene, hernia depression and schizophrenia, jaundice, hepatitis, weak liver conditions, muscular dystrophy, osteoporosis, trigeminal neuralgia, epilepsy, gall and kidney stones, malfunction of heart valve and choked artery etc. All places of worship are constructed with pyramid and dome synthesis. This particular cone shaped geometry has the amazing power to attract all available energy particles from its surroundings. This is the reason why a person experiences soothing effect once he/she enters any place of worship, whether temples, mosques, churches, synagogues or gurudwaras.

Egyptians were the pioneers in this field. They were the first to employ pyramids for preserving dead body cells. Mayans usually performed religious rituals and ceremonies in pyramidal structures.
Even the modern oranizational structures are pyramidal - one person at the top and the hierarchy widening down the line. This philisophy is based on the interactions of various energy patterns.

The creation of this universe itself is in pyramid geometry. Prior to creation - there was only one supreme power - the creator - assumed to be, according to this philosophy, the sole kinetic Energy. His pattern was uni-polar - Love being His attribute (Inward Attraction) Gravity is supposed to be the reflection of this uni - polar energy pattern and each energy system possesses it.

Below this level - there is the emergence of a new pattern that was universal Mind with desire being its chief attribute. At this level the unipolar Energy pattern turned into Bi-polar. The manifestations of this pattern are:
Inward and outward - Revolution and Rotation - Yin and Yang - Positive and Negative - breathing (prana).

A third energy pattern spontaneously emerged, as a result of the emergence of bi-polar energy system, from the interaction between universal soul and universal mind. like the intermediate pole of a magnet - bi-polar energy pattern transformed into multipolar - Triguna. Sat, Raj and Tam are its attributes. This trigunas form an energy triangle (trinity) that manifests this energy pattern.

At a still lower level , each of the 3 energy patterns, appeared in four different forms, i.e., Infinite, Gaseous, Fluid, and solid Material particles. At this level, energy flow is in 4 dimensions / directions. The origin of swastika is at this level. The prime energy at each level is Love / gravity which is symbolized by Agni.
The 4 distinctly different forms of energy, regarded as the 5 sukshma (subtle) tatvas are - Aakash, vayu, Jal, Prithvi, and Agni. Five senses and five organs of action which is known as the panch - Maha - Bhut has its root at this level.

Due to further spontaneous interactions between the aforemeutioned energy patterns - there emerged 84 elements which are the building - blocks of all animate and inanimate forms, hues, and existence. These are emerged in our solar system. However, scientists disputes that there are 105 elements of which 84 are stable - while 21 are fissible radioactive substances that cannot be found indipendently in nature. The obrosic principle behind pyramid therapy enunciates that pyramid energy force field possesses energy vibrations of all these energy partcles. The pyramidal architectare that dominated the egyptian and Mayan civilization approxiuatily , 6000 years back were well aware of this geometry's therapeutic potential and spiritual attributes.

The same principle lies behind the geometric patterns such as swastika in the rangoli made at the door step of every Indian house hold to abort negative energies and develop a positive energy environment at home and at work stations.

Since industrial revolution, the innovative ideas and scientific researches have almost replaced what they considered as irrational, dogmatic and out moded philosophies, - this. Modern drugs - with immense prowess to fight some of the acute infectious conditions with amaging rapidity - have acquired a centre stage in the world of medicine and therapy, were further pushed to the periphery - thanks to the industrial drug sharks those who are incessantly involved in making huge profits generated from mass marketing of cheap synthetic toxic chemicals (antibiotics). However, in the last 20 years, the world became aware of the deleterious side effects and anaphylactic tendencies of these allopatheic medicines. Moreover, the people are getting suffocated by the high cost factor normally associated with thes modern health care system

On the basis of world Health Organizations (WHO) reports, the FDA's of USA withdrew drugs like DURACT (WYETH). AMA of the U.S reported that in 1994 alone, out of 2 million cases registered in hospitals for serious drug's adverse reactions, 100,000 people died.

The abnormally ligh number of surgerics performed perannum, which in many instancs found to be totally unnecessary, ligh cost factor, generation of potentially lethal anaphylactic state in numerous cases, and its inability to provide cures for donce of the dreadful disorders, such as canecrs, AIDS, Diabetes, Alzeimers, Multiple sclerosis, and many more - have now started corroding its (allopathic system's) popularity base. Once again, in this past modern world, these alternative systems are getting much needed fillip from the governments and media. Vastu science, cosmopathy , Accupressure Accupuncture , Ayarveda, Pyramid Energy system , Reiki, etc are gaining poprlarity among the masses and attracting patronage from the powers that be.



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