The Angels

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The Angels

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1) VEHUIAH Neptune’s formation Uranus Angel       
Elevated GodSeraphs’ Chorus  March 21st – March 25th  
Keyword: knowledge. Intervention fields: study, work, health.He gives spiritual illumination. A powerful will to create and to transform. Reasoning quickness, lucidity in the introspection. Good health and aptitude to treat ill persons. He runs love and wisdom power. He brings to the favourable conclusion the exams, the competitions and the applications for a new job. He helps to get over depression.

2) JELIEL     Neptune’s     formation      Saturn Angel       
Charitable GodSeraphs’ Chorus  March 26th – March 30th  
Key word: construction.Intervention fields: love, family, money. Charitable spirit. Love for children. He grants fertility to people, animals, plants. He restore the conjugal peace. This Angel represents and grants the possibility to concretize any reality. He grants calm, fertility, fidelity, son’s obedience. He voids the disputes. He helps in diplomacy.   

3) SITAEL      Neptune’s      formation     Jupiter Angel       
Hope GodSeraphs’ Chorus  March 31st  - April 4th  
Key word: expansion.  Intervention fields: work, health. Protection for great responsibility charges. He protects from  daily life adversities. He gives physical strength and great courage. This Angel represents the expansion power, the gift to make everything yield. He gives idealism and common sense.

4) ELEMIAH      Neptune’s     formation     Mars Angel  
Hidden God Seraphs’ Chorus  April 5th – April 9th  
Keyword: reparation. Intervention fields: work, travels. Success in the profession. Protection from thefts  and trip accidents. Inner peace to restless people, he relieves anguish. Musical talent. He grants the power of “amends”: he restores balances.

5) MAHASIAH      Neptune’s      formation     Sun Angel       
Saviour God Seraphs’ Chorus  April 10th – April 14th  
Key word: learning.Intervention fields: study, existence in general. Live in peace with everyone. He gives balance, diplomacy, wisdom, love for freedom. Ease in learning. Success in the exams. Premonitory dreams, understanding of the messages coming from little daily events.

6) LELAHEL     Neptune’s     formation     Venus Angel            
Laudable GodSeraphs’ Chorus  April 15th – April 20th  
Key word: healing.Intervention fields: health, love, spiritual life. Health, quick recovery from illnesses. Spiritual illumination. Success and luck in the science world. Faithfulness to ideals. Ability to reconcile the adversaries. Happiness in love, beauty and harmony. Artistic career, taste for the beauty.

7) ACHAIAH      Neptune’s      formation     Mercury Angel         
Good and Patient God Seraphs’ Chorus  April 21st – April 25th  
Key word: understanding.Intervention fields: study, work, spiritual life. Understanding, patience in getting over difficulties. Aptitude to understand nature secrets, to do discoveries. Understanding of life sense, return to faith. Common sense, lively and prompt intelligence.

CAHETEL      Neptune’s     formation     Moon Angel       
Adorable God Seraphs’ Chorus  April 26th – April 30th  
Key word: blessing.Intervention fields: spiritual life, work, agriculture. He brings heavenly blessings, he averts evil spirits. Success in agriculture (plentiful crops, both material and spiritual). Inclination to mysticism and introspection. Patient character. He’s the Angel of waters and of all professions bound to water. He’s also the household Angel who protects and improves. 

9) HAZIEL     Uranus      formation     Uranus Angel  
Mercy God Cherubs’ Chorus  May 1st – May 5th  
Key word: attraction.Intervention fields: spiritual life, existence in general, friendship, love.Moral uprightness, a noble soul and generosity. Protection from betrayals and envy. Friendship, affection, aptitude to give rise to sympathy. Achievement of one’s own wishes. 

10) ALADIAH       Uranus       formation      Saturn Angel          
Propitious GodCherubs’ Chorus  May 6th – May 10th  
Key word: change.Intervention fields: existence in general, health, work. Protection from wicked men. Moral regeneration. Recovery from illnesses. Ability to succeed in work. Aptitude to forgive offences. Lucky changes. The person can get rid of his/her past recognizing the learnt lessons. Moral regeneration and cancellation of past mistakes.

11) LAUVIAH (1)     Uranus      formation    Jupiter Angel        
Praised GodCherubs’ Chorus May 11th – May 15th  
Key word: balance.Intervention fields: work, politics.Wisdom. He protects the rulers, the politicians or who guides other people (or he can be invoked for them). Balance and diplomacy. Strong ability to recover from difficulties. He brings fame, renown. He’s a mediator towards the great men of the earth.

12) HAHAIAH       Uranus       formation      Mars Angel  
God as Sanctuary  Cherubs’ Chorus  May 16th – May 20th  
Key word: resistance.Intervention fields: spiritual life, interpersonal relations. Dreams interpretation. Protection from other people’s grudge. Missionary spirit. Inner strength. Inner personality analysis ability. Armour against adversities. He inspires towards bright situations. He’s called Sanctuary-Angel and he gives peace and protection to people who feel persecuted.

13) IEZALEL      Uranus      formation     Sun Angel  
Glorified GodCherubs’ Chorus  May 21st – May 25th  
Key word: union. Intervention fields: love, friendship. He favours conjugal faithfulness, couples reconciliation, happiness, the ability to keep good friendships relations. He helps to realize plans.

14) MEBAHEL       Uranus       formation    Venus Angel    
Keeper GodCherubs’ Chorus  May 26th -  May 31st  
Key word: freedom.Intervention fields: spiritual life, interpersonal relations. He gives justice sense, benevolence, understanding. Ability to defend oneself against slanders, love for freedom: adventurous and lucky changes.

15) HARIEL       Uranus      formation      Mercury Angel         
Creator GodCherubs’ Chorus  June 1st – June 5th  
Key word: faith. Intervention fields: spiritual life, spirituality, work, family.Faith. Return to faith. Aptitude to believe in supernatural. Sense of measure, balance. Creativity.

16) HAKAMIAH       Uranus       formation      Moon Angel        
Universe God Cherubs’ Chorus June 6th – June 10th   
Key word: advice.  Intervention fields: friendship, social life. Protection in disputes. Happy friendships. Strong character, able to give advices and to be listened with respect. Intuition and wisdom.
17) LAUVIAH (2)      Saturn       formation      Uranus Angel 
Admirable God Thrones’ Chorus  June 11th – June 15th  
Key word: rest.Intervention fields: spiritual life, friendships, health. He’s got the same name of his brother (11). Reliable friends. Great fondness. He favours the night rest.

1 CALIEL       Saturn        formation      Saturn Angel        
God who grants Thrones’ Chorus  June 16th – June 21st  
Key word: truth.Intervention fields: health, interpersonal relations. Protection from adversities. Help from the high in case of difficulties. Plans realization. Love for truth and protection from slanderers. Fluent elocution. 

19) LEUVIAH      Saturn       formation     Jupiter Angel         
Clement GodThrones’ Chorus  June 22nd – June 26th  
Key word: serenity. Intervention fields: spiritual life, health, money. Inner serenity. Protection from accidents. Ability of recovery from illnesses. Excellent memory. Inclination for the art. Aptitude to help other people by a good example.

20) PAHALIAH      Saturn       formation      Mars Angel  
Reedemer God Thrones’ Chorus  June 27th – July 1st  
Key word: science. Intervention fields: spiritual life, study, love. Understand nature laws and one’s own role. Ability to understand one’s own role in the life. Faithfulness in love.

21) NELCHAEL       Saturn       formation      Sun Angel  
The only GodThrones’ Chorus  July 2nd – July 6th   
Key word: beauty.Intervention fields: creativity, politics, social life. Protection from evil forces, from envies. Liberation from oppressors, strong and quiet character. Love for beauty and art.

22) YEIAYEL       Saturn      formation      Venus Angel         
The right Hand of GodThrones’ Chorus  July 7th – July 11th  
Key word: journey.Intervention fields: travels, money. Luck in travels, shippings, trade. Other people’s respect. Protection from unforeseen events and from economic reverses. Ability of recovery from illnesses.

23) MELAHEL      Saturn       formation      Mercury Angel        
Liberator God Thrones’ Chorus  July 12th – July 16th  
Key word: care.Intervention fields: health, travels, money, love. Protection from weapons, fire, attempts. Ability to cure by means of herbs. Love for travels. Liberation from slanderers. Wealth, happy marriage.

24) HAHEUIAH      Saturn       formation      Moon Angel         
Good GodThrones Chorus  July 17th - July 22nd   
Key word: dream. Intervention fields: money, friendships, spiritual life. Lasting friendships. Protection from dangers during travels and movements. Defence from slanderers and from cheaters. Premonitory dreams, lovable character. Loyalty.

25) NITH-HAIAH       Jupiter        formation      Uranus Angel        
Wisdom God Dominations’ Chorus  July 23rd – July 27th   
Key word: study.Intervention fields: health, spiritual life, studies.  Aptitude to understand the esoteric disciplines. Wisdom and love for study. Premonitory dreams. Lovable character, loyalty.

26) HAAIAH      Jupiter        formation      Saturn Angel             
Hidden GodDominations’Chorus  July 28th – August 1st   
Key word: justice.  Intervention fields: spiritual life. Inclination towards justice and law. Love for truth. Protection from slanderers and from liars. Great inner strength. Attraction for heavenly things.
27) YERATHEL      Jupiter       formation      Jupiter Angel          
Protector GodDominations’Chorus  August 2nd – August 6th   
Key word: word.Intervention fields: social life, politics. Protection from enemies, aggressors. Mission to give out Light and Civilization. Fluent elocution. 

2 SEHEIAH      Jupiter          formation      Mars Angel  Healing GodDominations’Chorus  August 7th – August 12th   Key word: medicine.Intervention fields: existence in general, health, friendships. Very good health, inclination for medicine. Protection from fire, from accidents and from unforeseeable events. Long life and rich in satisfactions. Respect for


29) REIYEL       Jupiter        formation      Sun Angel 
Rescuer God Dominations’Chorus  August 13th – August 17th   
Key word: consolation.Intervention fields: health, interpersonal relations. Aptitude to comfort other people with elocution. Protection from enemies and from witchcraft works. Great love for other people. Luck. Health and quick recovery from illnesses.

30) OMAEL       Jupiter       formation      Venus Angel        
Patient GodDominations’Chorus   August 18th – August 22nd  
Key word: resistance.Intervention fields: existence in general, relation with the nature. Patience, ability to get off in all life situations. He protects from despair and from sorrows. Great love towards animal kingdom. Happy marriage. Noble character, noble mind.

31) LECABEL      Jupiter     formation     Mercury Angel        
Inspirer GodDominations’Chorus  August 23rd – August 28th   
Key word: intuition.Intervention fields: personal abilities, work.Intuition, success in the professional field. Natural talent for the vegetable kingdom knowledge. Ability to come out from difficulties. Clear intelligence.

32) VASARIAH      Jupiter      formation     Moon Angel        
Fair GodDominations’Chorus  August 29th  - September 2nd  
Key word: justice.Intervention fields: interpersonal relations, legal questions.Inclination towards justice and law. Sociable character. Liking from the powerful and from magistrates. Protection from attacks and from slanders. Ability to overcome difficulties.

33) YEHUIAH       Mars        formation      Uranus Angel        
Knowledge GodPowers’ Chorus  September 3rd – September 7th   
Key word: discipline.Intervention fields: existence in general, work. Protection from hostility, envy, plots. Success in work. Aptitude of understanding in science. Orderly and respectful of the discipline character.

34) LEHAHIAH      Mars      formation     Saturn Angel       
Gentle GodPowers’ Chorus  September 8th -  September 12th  
Key word: altruism.Intervention fields: interpersonal relations, work, spiritual life.He calms anger (ours or the one towards us). Ability to reconcile the adversaries. Excellent success opportunities. Understanding of Heavenly Laws. Unselfish character.
35) CHAVAQUIAH      Mars       formation      Jupiter Angel         
God of Joy Powers’Chorus  September 13th – September 17th  
Key word: forgiveness.Intervention fields: family, interpersonal relations. Peace and harmony among people and among relatives. Yielding character. Ability to overcome difficulties. Protection from discord. Aptitude to forgive.

36) MENADEL      Mars       formation      Mars Angel  
Adorable GodPowers’ Chorus September 18th -  September 23rd 
Key word: advice. Intervention fields: health, interpersonal relations, home. Talent in medicine. Aptitude to heal and to advise. Luck in residence and work changes. Available character. Love for other people.

37) ANIEL       Mars       formation      Sun Angel 
Virtue GodPowers’ Chorus  September 24th – September 28th  
Key word: synthesis.Intervention fields: study, work. He helps to penetrate nature and Universe secrets. Synthesis ability. Love for science. Adversities overcoming. Fame by studies and searches.

3 HAAMIAH       Mars       formation      Venus Angel        
Hope God  Powers’ Chorus September 29th – October 3rd   
Key word: fate.Intervention fields: spiritual life, interpersonal relations, love. Religious and unselfish spirit. Help in the search and in the spreading of the truth. Personal charm and aptitude  to persuade other people. Intuition in the spiritual search.

39) REHAEL       Mars       formation      Mercury Angel        
God who forgivesPowers’ Chorus  October 4th – October 8th   
Key word: love.Intervention fields: health, friendships, love.Aptitude to heal other people. Very good personal health. Help from the High and protection from dangers. Friendly and respectful of friendships character. Faithfulness in love and lucky bonds.

40) YEZALEL      Mars      formation      Moon Angel         
Gaiety GodPowers’ Chorus  October 9th – October 13th  
Key word: joy.Intervention fields: existence in general, interpersonal relations. Joy carrier. Love fro freedom, unselfish spirit. Liberation from enemies and protection from envy. Aptitude to comfort suffering people.

41) HAHAHEL      Sun formation      Uranus Angel         
Trine GodVirtues’ Chorus  October 14th – October 18th  
Key word: inspiration.Intervention fields: travels, friendships, spiritual life. Great elocution ability. Religious spirit. Inspiration in faith. Premonitory dreams. Great love for other people. Luck in travels, important friendships.

42) MIKAEL       Sun formation      Saturn Angel             
Virtue GodVirtues Chorus  October 19th – October 23rd   
Key word: diplomacy. Intervention fields: travels, politics, work. Balance and diplomacy sense. Success in politics. Fluent elocution. Protection from accidents, above all during travels. Longevity. 

43) VEULIAH       Sun formation      Jupiter Angel           
Ruler God Virtues’ Chorus  October 24th – October 28th  
Key word: strength.Intervention fields: health, work, unions. He protects from enemies and oppressors. He sends away depression and loneliness. Luck in work and in entrepreneurial initiatives. Strong, dominant character. Happy marriage.

44) YELAHIAH      Sun formation      Mars Angel        
Eternal GodVirtues’ Chorus  October 29th -  November 2nd   
Key word: bravery.Intervention fields: interpersonal relations, legal questions. Protection from injustices. Judges and lawyersprotector. Bravery and ability to overcome difficult times. Aptitude to guide other people and to impose one’s own will. He brings Martian energy, victory in every kind of fight: He’s Angels’ Joan of Arc. Military career is favoured. Fight.
45) SEHALIAH       Sun formation      Sun Angel       
Animator GodVirtues’ Chorus  November 3rd –  November 7th  
Key word: renown.Intervention fields: existence in general, health, work. Protection from bullies and from false people. Lovable character and heart kindness. Very good health. Quick recovery from illnesses and aptitude to take care of other people. Recognition of one’s own merits.
46) ARIEL       Sun formation      Venus Angel              
Revealer GodVirtues’ Chorus  November 8th -  November 12th  
Key word: lucidity.Intervention fields: study, work, health. Aptitude to understand nature secrets. Inclination for science, medicine, search. Clear mind and very good intuition. Protection from accidents, premonitory dreams.

47) ASALIAH      Sun formation      Mercury Angel               
Truth GodVirtues’ Chorus  November 13th – November 17th  
Key word: esoterism.Intervention fields: spiritual life, study. Noble mind. Aptitude to rise towards the Light. Mystic spirit. Love for justice and Truth. Interest in esoteric disciplines. Aptitude of understanding, thought profoundness.
4 MIHAEL      Sun formation       Moon Angel              
Charitable Father GodVirtues’ Chorus  November 18th – November 22nd  
Key word: benevolence.Intervention fields: friendship, union, health. Aptitude to give rise to love, peace and benevolence among the others. Reliable friends. Premonitory dreams. Happy marriage and a great sense of responsibility towards the sons. Longevity.
49) VEHUEL      Venus        formation      Uranus Angel        
Great God Principalities’Chorus   November 23rd – November 27th   
Key word: teaching.Intervention fields: interpersonal relations, home.Protection from theft and accidents. Generous soul, availability towards the others. Inclination to teaching. Ability to reconcile the adversaries.

50) DANIEL       Venus      formation      Saturn Angel         
Signs GodPrincipalities’Chorus  November 28th – December 2nd   
Key word: art.Intervention fields: union, physical aspect, existence in general.  Synthesis ability and reasoning profoundness. Love for beauty and art. Magnetic character able to comfort and to help other people. Protection from aggressors.

51) HAHASIAH       Venus       formation      Jupiter Angel       
Hidden GodPrincipalities’Chorus  December 3rd – December 7th  
Key word: elevation. Intervention fields: study, work, interpersonal relations. Wisdom, noble soul and elevated towards the Spirit. Inclination for medicine and scientific search. Love for other people. Protection from liars.

52) IMAMIAH       Venus        formation      Mars Angel 
Elevated GodPrincipalities’ Chorus December 8th – December 12th  
Key word: autonomy.Intervention fields: travels, study, business, interpersonal relations. Protection from accidents during travels. Love for freedom. Success in business and in partnerships. Independent but friendly spirit. Very good memory.

53) NANAEL       Venus        formation      Sun Angel 
Knowledge God  Principalities’ Chorus December 13th – December 16th  
Key word: secret.Intervention fields: study, law, spiritual life.Inspiration for occult science study. Esoteric knowledges by meditation. Inspiration to lawyers and magistrates. Love for truth.

54) NITHAEL       Venus       formation      Venus Angel        
Heavens God Principalities’ Chorus December 17th – December 21st 
Key word: nobility.Intervention fields: health, spiritual life. Long and quiet life. Protection from dangers. Heavenly help in hard times. Religious feelings, noble soul. Aptitude to come to the aid of suffering people.
55) MEBAHIAH      Venus        formation      Mercury Angel         
Eternal GodPrincipalities’ Chorus December 22nd - December 26th 
Key word: education.Intervention fields: family, work, travels, spiritual life. Inclination to teaching. Love for children. Help for spiritual ideas spreading. Great inner serenity. Strong and generous character. Protection from journey accidents.

56) POYEL       Venus            formation       Moon Angel 
Universe GodPrincipalites’Chorus  December 27th – December 31st  
Key word: success.Intervention fields: work, money, health. This Angel grants a special protection. Well-being, luck, success. Aptitude to recover from illness and to heal other people. Conciliatory character, peace and calm carrier.

57) NEMAMIAH       Mercury       formation      Uranus Angel   
Laudable GodArchangels’ Chorus  January 1st – January 5th  
Key word: command.Intervention fields: work, money, existence in general. Wealth and success. Being able to take the reins of the situations and to advise other people. Inclination to command or to military life. Strong sense of justice.

5 YEIALEL       Mercury      formation      Saturn Angel        
God who grantsArchangels’Chorus  January 6th – January 10th  
Key word: renown.Intervention fields: work, health, art.Healing from psychosomatic illnesses. Protection from cheaters and from liars. Docile and gentle character. Love for art and beauty. Success and renown.

59) HARAEL      Mercury        formation      Jupiter Angel       
Connoisseur God Archangels’Chorus  January 11th – January 15th  
Key word: honesty.Intervention fields: study, work, health.He gives talent in maths and in administration. Docile character, honesty and wisdom. Protection from fire and from explosions. Good recovery from illnesses. Longevity.

60) MITZRAEL       Mercury       formation      Mars  Angel  
Rescuer GodArchangels’ Chorus January 16th – January 20th   
Key word: service.Intervention fields: interpersonal relations, health, study, work.Protection and help from the High. Aptitude to heal, to advise and to comfort people. Helpful and unselfish spirit. Great ideals. Luck in studies and teaching.
61) UMABEL       Mercury            formation      Sun Angel  
Immense GodArchangels’ Chorus  January 21st – January 25th 
Key word: friendship.Intervention fields: friendship, study, communication. Aptitude to give rise and to keep  friendship. Quick learning and great intelligence. Interest in astrology and natural sciences. Fluent elocution. Pleasant look. 

62) IAHHEL      Mercury     formation     Venus Angel  
Supreme God Archangels’Chorus  January 26th – January 30th  
Key word: introspection.Intervention fields: spiritual life, unions, health. Wisdom. Search for the truth in everything. Frank and loyal character Introspection and aptitude to deeply meditate. Happy life in couple, physical and mental well-being.

63) ANAUEL       Mercury       formation      Mercury Angel        
Goodness GodArchangels’ Chorus  January 31st – February 4th  
Key word: responsibility.Intervention fields: health, money, work, artistic interests, spiritual life. Protection from unforeseen events and accidents. Good health and brave character. Ability to do responsibility jobs. Inclination towards mysticism. Success in art.

64) MEHIEL      Mercury      formation     Moon Angel          
Vivifier God Archangels’Chorus  February 5th – February 9th   
Key word: communication.Intervention fields: work, study, communication. Protection against witchcrafts. Ability to express oneself by writings. Success in undertakings and by communication.

65) DAMABIAH       Moon        formation      Uranus Angel 
Wisdom GodAngels’ Chorus  February 10th – February 14th   
Key word: journey.Intervention fields: travels, spiritual life, interpersonal relations.Protection from envy and failure. Lucky travels, premonitory dreams. Wisdom and diplomacy in the relations with other people.
66) MANAKEL       Moon       formation      Saturn Angel       
Protector GodAngels’ Chorus  February 15th – February 19th   
Key word: imagination.Intervention fields: spiritual life, friendship. Protection from anger fits. Dreams interpretations. Possibility to do premonitory dreams or to explain dreams. Jolly character. Lasting friendships. Great will-power.

67) EYAEL       Moon       formation      Jupiter Angel       
Delight GodAngels’ Chorus  February 20th -  February 24th   
Key word: philosophy.Intervention fields: study, spiritual life.Protection from bad luck and unforeseen events. Wisdom and illumination from the High. Aptitude to understand esoteric philosophy and astrology. Religious spirit or mysticism.
6 HABUHIAH       Moon       formation      Mars Angel 
Liberator GodAngels’ Chorus  Febraury 25th – Febraury 28th / February 29th   
Key word: plenty.Intervention fields: health, spiritual life, money, work.Protection from illnesses and aptitude to heal other people. Inner richness. Sociable and gentle spirit. Generosity and wisdom. Crops plenty (material and spiritual).

69) ROCHEL       Moon       formation      Sun Angel 
All-seeing God Angels’ Chorus  March 1st – March 5th Key word: law.Intervention fields: money, law, love, interpersonal relations, health. Protection from thefts and property losses. Success possibility in the law world. Luck in love and in social relations. Physical strength. He brings balance and success.

70) JABAMIAH       Moon       formation       Venus Angel 
Creator GodAngels’ Chorus March 6th -  March 10th   
Key word: redemption.Intervention fields: health, spiritual life, existence in general.Protection from knife wounds. Inner richness, ability to regenerate and to improve. Aptitude to redeem. Quick recovery from illnesses.

71) HAIAYEL       Moon       formation      Mercury Angel       
Universe GodAngels’ Chorus March 11th – March 15th   
Key word: protection.Intervention fields: work, existence in general.Protection from mean and slanderers persons. Liberation from persecutors. Protection in work, victory, peace. Bravery and will-power to get over life adversities. Piercing lucidity, ability to discern. Intelligence, care, liberation from conditionings.

72) MUMIAH        Moon      formation      Moon Angel      
God Aim ofeverythingAngels’ Chorus  March 16th – March 20th   
Key word: accomplishment. Intervention fields: work, study, existence in general. Ability to successfully finish the started deeds, to successfully get the aim. Serenity, aptitude to enjoy little things. Understanding of nature secrets. Longevity. He grants the power to bring what you start to an end.

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Angels Meditations


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