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He’s the light and fire Archangel, his name, Michael, Ma-Ha-El, means “the Great God” or “Similar to God”. In fact, in Sanskrit, Maha means “great” and El is for God. Strong, young and handsome, in Renaissance paintings he’s portrayed with an armour on. He’s the prince and the commander-in-chief of the heavenly formations, so he’s considered the Roman Catholic Church protector, as well as the patron saint of Hebrew nation. He familiarly became Saint Michael Archangel, he’s got one of the most important task, the fight against Evil Forces. Michael is the one who protects the believers, sets their houses free, destroys black magic and witchcraft works, he clearly carries on  an irreplaceable function, then he’s a collaborator loved and revered by everybody. Very handsome, shining in the light, bathed in victory, he’s preeminently “the sun Archangel”. He wears the armour and he brandishes the sword by which he defeated the eternal enemy: Satan, almost always represented as a snake or a creeping dragon. In fact, in the tradition, Michael the warrior, the protector from the snares coming from the Dark forces, is the light stronghold, the bulwark against darkness. His blazing sword, besides piercing through the dragon, breaks through the dark, defeats the darkness and bring back to his favourites the Light comfort. He’s got the central role of Heavenly armies chief, the Beast winner, the preeminently winner of all the fights. His aspect of winning and invulnerable warrior will assure him the great favour of all the armies, the soldiers and the sovereigns of all the times. At a human level, Michael Archangel helps the reaching of success, he makes easier the fight to get over the obstacles. For the tradition he’s assimilated to everything concerning the Power in all its positive aspects. He’s invoked in hundreds of formulas for the protection from witchcrafts and black magic works. As Sun Angel, Fire element, he dominates the Lion, the Aries and the Sagittarius constellation.


His name means “Heavenly Healer”, or “God Heals”. In his name, Ra-fa-el, Ra is for Sun and his vibration is: Sun-vibra-tion-God. He’s guardian Angels chief, the Providence Angel watching over all mankind. He’s the pilgrims’ protector: more than travellers in general, in fact, he takes care of who is engaged in a pilgrimage towards God. He travels with a stick and the sandals, the water-bottle and the sack across his back. He’s the Archangel who from the oldest times has in custody the power to heal. In more modern times his rule has extended over the medicine, the pharmacology, the chemistry. Raphael is mentioned in the Old Testament, when, disguised as any human being, he appears to young Tobia and accompanies and protects him in a long journey and full of dangers. (Tb 6,4 and 8,3). The cabalistic tradition has coupled Raphael to Mercury planet of which he’s the ruler Archangel. Even for Greeks Mercury was the Lord of Medicine, but this is a union which has its origins in the most ancient times. In the most ancient representations, Mercury has got a rod in his hand on which two snakes coil. His touch had an immediate healing effect. The occult meaning is very interesting: the rod represents man’s spine. The two snakes are the two nervous systems: the vagus and the sympathetic. The point from which the snakes start, with their tails touching, is the coccyx, the seat of the vital energy. Through seven spirals (the seven chakras) the two sakes face up but don’t touch. This symbol was so well-known and revered in ancient times it has come intact so far and it is still the badge of Doctors’ Order and of Chemists’ one. To Raphael is ascribed the drawing up of the so-called “Emerald Table”, the Magic unchangeable laws, still unsurpassed.Raphael is the chief Archangel of the numberless healer Angels formations. They’ve got the task to give out the healing energy to those who ask them for, invoking them. Besides, Raphael is the keeper of the scientific search, of the knowledge applied to the substance.He belongs to the Earth Element, he dominates the zodiacal constellation of the Virgo and the ones of the Taurus and Capricorn. According to traditional astrology, the Virgo is dominated by Mercury and under this sign there are nurses, chemists, scientific searchers. He’s also the keeper of the intelligence, of scientific speculation and of the inquiry. Mercury, in his totality is within Raphael’s rule, who controls the electromagnetic energy, also called etheric vitality or prana.Raphael’s vibrations have a violet color, in all its shades. This color results from red (Michael) and blue (Gabriel) mixture and corresponds to Raphael’s role as Michael and Gabriel collaborator in the creation of the red blood within the human body.  


In the name Gabriel, Kha-Vir- El, according to the ancient Egyptian pronunciation, Ga or Ka show the wish, the feeling and the expressed love; Bir or Vir show the water element. In fact, Gabriel rules the water and the liquids, which form the three quarters of the planet. Gabriel is the superintendent of the whole physical kingdom. He’s also called “God’s Hero” and he’s the chief of the ambassadors for the mankind, as well as the Revelation Angel. Majestic, dressed up with rich clothes, in the Christian iconography he’s often portrayed on his knees in front of the Virgin Mary with his arms crossed on his chest or with a parchment, a sceptre or a lily in his hand.He’s also the messenger of good news. Gabriel is the keeper of the creativity expressed in all knowledge fields; he’s the one who opens man’s mind to the genius and beauty understanding, the one who makes “to conceive” ideas, since to him it belongs everything concerning the conception, both at physical levels and on the ones merely abstracts. Gabriel, acting through his Angels Legions, extends his rule even on everything concerning the physical and spiritual creation of a new creature. The common mortals, whatever is their religion, faith, race or color, either if they’re good or wicked, future saints or perverse men, all the creatures who are born or will be born on our planet, do their journey from the spiritual world to the physical one guided by the Angels subordinate to Gabriel who will stay at their side forever. From Gabriel then, come the boundless formation of the Guardian Angels, the patient assistants of mankind. They are creatures who help our species evolution but in their turn, evolve through us.Ruler of the Water element, Gabriel extends his influence on the Cancer, the Fishes and the Scorpio. He’s linked to the lunar sphere and to Cancer Water element.He represents the pregnancy water, in which develops the heavenly germ who will become incarnate in every human embryo, he’s the element who makes the human mind get the intuition leading to the stroke of genius and to scientific discovery, or to the art masterpiece creation


He’s the Archangel bound to Venus sphere. He’s the one who has in custody everything existing which is fine and harmonious. He’s the artists inspirer, the one who makes resound to the most sensitive men the spheres harmony so that it’s rewritten in the form of music to be listened to through planet Earth instruments. Music, color, beauty, harmony and benevolence will be the means by which mankind will evolve in the next centuries. In the same way are influenced art and beauty, above all the color and everything which is linked to it.The influence the Archangel exerts through his Angels, will be greater and greater in the course of the years, it will wake up in the heart of men the feeling of benevolence. The aim will be the one to get the cosmic love, which is still very far from human understanding sphere.Our species, we think so evolved, watched from the High, it appears instead aggressive, quarrelsome… A bloodthirsty race who hasn’t learnt the simple human values of brotherhood and solidarity yet. Anael, belonging to Venus sphere, dominates the zodiacal constellation of the Scales and of the Taurus, but he positively influences the Aquarius and the Twins.         


In the material body there is another Archangel , the ruler of the Earth element: Sham-A-El. Sham, means light; A, femininity or substance; El, God. The production of life phenomenon in the matter kingdom corresponds to the work of all the Archangels of the elements, but in particular of Samael Angel.According to the most rigorous tradition he’s defined “God’s right hand” or even the Punisher Angel since he’s the one who administers the heavenly justice, inflexible in his task. The astrological tradition ascribes him all Mars typical qualities: the strength, the fight, the bravery, the decision. He’s the fair observer of man’s works, defined the “Karma Lord”. From him come the formations of Beings who “keep the registers” making notes of the Karma state to decide which will be the tests to re-propose to human beings in the future incarnations.Samael protects from the dangers caused by the fires, by the explosions and by the weapons. He gives strength and decision to the intentions, supports the will, protects the leaders. He’s the ruler of Aries sign. 


He’s one of the most invoked Archangel from the ancient times so far. He represents the wealth, the majesty, the riches, the physical well-being, the prestige, the money. It’s not for nothing the ancient divinity that once was called Jupiter was the most powerful of all gods, the one who reigned over the Olympus and to whom the minor divinities and the elements were totally subjected. Sachiel is very generous and don’t disdain to help men in reaching the well-being. Anyway, he carries out his ministry within the limits in which the individual destiny allows him to intervene. If in a man’s destiny the wealth is considered harmful for his spiritual evolution, if poverty is a test he has to get over since the wealth has been lived badly in a previous life, there will be no petitions or invocations which will move Sachiel or any other Angel. Nobody, but only the concerned person, by his/her will, getting over the tests he/she will meet on his/her way, will be able to change his/her own destiny.Sachiel and his Angels, are the attentive dispensers of the money-energy since the money, as the blood, is a real vital lymph. Its circulation has to happen in a well-balanced way, as for all the fluids inside the human body, without stagnations, without lacks and without haemorrhages. 


Cassiel follows with a loving eye the elderly, the ones who like him, have carried out their task and see as spectators and no more as warriors the development of the events. Always under Cassiel’s rule, even called “Silence Angel”, we find everything which is in the subsoil, mines, deposits, rocks, clay, and so on. Cassiel oversees the mineral kingdom which, silently and in very long times, evolves in the long and unceasing march “from darkness to Light”, that besides is shared even by all the other Kingdoms, the human one included.Cassiel Archangel is the ruler of Saturn’s sphere, regent of the Capricorn sign.  


In Uriel’s name, U-Ra-El, in the ancient Egyptian language: U is for space and Ra is for Sun, that is Space-Sun-God that is “God’s Light”, then Uriel’s task is the one to bring God’s Knowledge light to men. He’s the prophecies interpreter, the Last Judgement Angel and rules the Order and Harmony Law.
His color is the silver white and, in the human body, he represents the co-ordinator action of the work done by Michael, Raphael and Gabriel Archangels.
Uriel coupling with Uranus in the astrological tradition is recent enough, since anciently they thought the planets were only seven. With the progress of astronomic discoveries, it was necessary to fill up some gaps. Some divinities of the old times were revisited and adapted to the new knowledges. The rule of the very recent Uranus is very suitable for them.
He’s the regent Archangel of the Aquarius constellation, extroverted and revolutionary sign, destined to influence the future mankind. Uriel suits well for the astrology and the electronics  rule, typical of the Aquarius.
He’s the explorers and the innovators protector and, considering his role as for the professions of the future, we could put under his protection even the spacemen, who couldn’t be taken into account in the ancient magic texts. 
Uriel gets the control on the forces which preside over the sharp and unforeseen changes, not only in the destiny of each person, but at a planetary level.
The New Age, or Aquarius Age, is controlled in its event quick happening by this great Angel who still has got an immense task to carry out towards Mankind.


Power of powers.
Metatron is Divinity’s special correspondent for all the matters belonging to our World: he determines the union between Wish and Reason, with the aim to project the abstract realities from Heavenly Worlds to Lower Worlds. In other words, Metatron grants to our mentality and sensitiveness the power to clearly get what exists in the Spirit Worlds in the form of possible creations, so that for us the Creation becomes a coherent whole. This Archangel offers us the Knowledge; reveals us the aim, the purpose, the Divinity’s plans. By the mind and the feelings, his energy reveals us the reason for which the things are like this. Thanks to him, we can know the future, our future: in fact the energy run by Metatron reveals the Creation complete Plan vision, a whole of particulars that haven’t been realized yet. Thanks to this vision, we can understand why it’s useful to adopt a determinate line of action, and also Cosmic Laws purpose. Metatron is the one who infuses the Will. We can say he’s placed at the top of a tower from which it’s possible to watch everything happening down: every question we ask him will have an answer fully caught by our mind and wholly understood by our feelings. Then Metatron doesn’t let us see what he explains us. It’s not his task to give rise to clairvoyance since we’re not able to get in just a picture the progressive development of a cosmic process. To men longing for perceiving his radiations, he reveals, in his various phases, the development of every single thing, from the initial germ to the conclusive solidification. If on one hand this Archangel allows us to know the past, in another way he reveals us the facts as they will be in a near or in a distant future. In conclusion, from Metatron we get the prophecy gift.                   


Love and Knowledge power.
He’s the one who passes on the Heavenly Virtues, the Way leading to the Creator and Universe Lord; the will manifestation in the tangible world. 
To show himself in these terms, the Archangel applies to Life Whirl energies.
RAZIEL is the Initiator, the one who allowed us to do essential importance discoveries; He’s the active spark (in a permanent way) destined to light, to set on fire our Conscience.
In the Thought World, the influence exerted by this Archangel is negative.
This means that its influx doesn’t turn into active intelligence, to the Truth discovery, but that on the contrary RAZIEL and his Cherubs make use of the direct and immediate revelation, like lightnings flash when they suddenly light up the night landscapes.
Then the one who is in search of the Knowledge will get it, by the Invocation to this Archangel and to his Cherubs but he/she has to be a person who has got an enough elevated moral level, as in subjects who are just curious and who have little spiritual interest these influences won’t produce positive consequences of a particular importance.
Finally, RAZIEL Archangel is hostile to all the ones who live turning their back on Cosmic (that is Heavenly) Rules.     


Concrete Thought Power.
BINAEL – TSAPHKIEL is the Universe Orderer in the double valence of the term:
he orders and sets in order.
He transforms the cosmic energies (with a particular care to the ones coming from Hochmah – Raziel), in Laws allowing the Universe running and that, consequently, allow Men to discover first of all the Laws in question, to then be able to adopt a line of action according to them.
Besides, it’s up to BINAEL – TSAPHKIEL Archangel to represent and to lay down the Laws.
He’s the one who shows us how we have to act, the direction towards which we have to go on, the weight, the measure, the proportions of everything.
Everything lets see as middle level man is not able to listen to this Voice, so that he transgresses the Rules with a great ease.
Yet the non-observance of these rules fatally causes reverses and contrarieties of all kind.
Since BINAEL – TSAPHKIEL Archangel sets up the Law, it’s up to Him to allow us (if we make an explicit request) to understand the Cosmic Machine running.
RAZIEL grants this Knowledge by Illumination, by virtue of a Flash stroke, a fleeting intense Light flare.    
BINAEL requires the study, the reflection: our actual Life is what follows (and it’s well known!) other incarnations and when it concludes the synthesis of what we’ve built go up again Up There; then at the time of a new incarnation, BINAEL Archangel not only determines our future Life rules, but he rectifies within our human nature what is not in harmony with the Law (cosmic, natural, logic and rational).
BINAEL is the father of all material creations, of all solidifications, of all cosmic crystallizations (macro or micro cosmic).
BINAEL – TSAPHKIEL Archangel grants to men and women the Destiny – Space, where their tragedies will be lived. When it has been violated, this Archangel can make easy our return to the Law.


Prosperity, Wealth, Exuberance Power.
HESEDIEL is Heavenly Thought son, passed on by METATRON, RAZIEL, BINAEL, as well as Supreme Will (Heavenly Will) carrier; and has to invest this grain in FEELINGS new world.
This energy – wish, is granted by the Archangel in question.
Then, in HESEDIEL Archangel given energies there are the feelings powers, which push us to the conquest of everything existing on the Earth.
But over the distance, this Archangel is even Justice messenger, of what will lead us to surplus renouncement, of every form of futile overplenty.
The fact is that, in any way, HESEDIEL is well-being, satisfaction, pleasure, well-off life, euphoria, carrier.
To grant us all this, the energies He chose in the Universe, that is the ones of Hesed Whirl, are able to favourably solve what concerns our interests.    


Justice and Grace power.
CAMAEL Archangel program is contained in the heavenly decree according to which man will have to earn his living by the sweat of his brow, but in a broad  sense; that is: all the Man will emanate, the Human Work, will be done at the cost of the borne effort and even of suffering.
Then, CAMAEL and Dominations Angels Chorus, represent the Fall (that is the entry) of the Man in a Lower World and are charged to lead back the Mankind, through his work, towards the luxuriant Lost Paradise.
Powers’ Angels will introduce us to the World Laws Knowledge, not through Heavenly Illumination, but by the experience of their running; this will reveal us the Evil essence, that is what happens when one works on the borders of World Laws.
Making use of his own “positive polarity” the Archangel lets us incorporate the Heavenly Law, while making use of his “negative polarity” He makes Evil disappear, that is he gets rid of everything which is contrary to GOD Law.              


Earth regenerating power. SANDALPHON, to whom the esoterism preferably assigns the qualification of Prince – Angel and not the one of Archangel, is yet the Regent of the energetic sphere of our Planet, the Earth; He exerts his influence through Fire, Air, Water and Earth elements. We could assimilate SANDALPHON Archangel to classic mythology Pluto. Actually, the myth teaches us that Pluto (Hades, according to Greek diction) was eaten up by his father Saturn, like Neptune. In other words, Saturn practical realization power (of Binael – Tsaphkiel) is the expression, the power of Metraton – Neptune and the one of Sandalphon – Pluto. Besides, everything gets complicated, since Saturn hasn’t eaten up his son Jupiter (Hesediel – Tsadkiel); in fact this one will take the power and will oblige Saturn to vomit the sons he has eaten up. Then Jupiter will offer to his brother Neptune (Metraton) the Seas rule (that is Feelings rule) and to his brother Pluto the Death rule, the Kingdom of the ones who live in the bowels of the earth. The esoteric Tradition, as mythology too, inform us that Pluto has the function to regenerate the corrupted nature of the Earthlings, of Men, of the Earth itself. Well, on this point Pluto – Hades myth will supply us with notable explanations as for Sandalphon function, regent of Earth energetic Sphere or Whirl. Yet, Pluto – Hades is not the Demons leader, even if he stays in the Hell, according to the legend he rules Life permanent rebirth, just as Sandalphon is devoted to in the reality. Sandalphon (Prince Angel or Archangel) presides over material elements through immaterial creatures to whom the Tradition assigned the name of ELEMENTALS. It deals with Salamanders for the Fire element, Undines for Water element, Sylph for Air element and Gnomes for Earth element.

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