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MELATONIN according to Chromo-Radionic method

which has been elaborated by Ruggero Moretto



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The present Chromo- Radionic graphic of Melatonin, which is realized on common paper A4, is to download free here The present graphic, thanks to the presence of waveform of the Decagon and of the concentric circles put in the middle of the figure, and thanks to two colours put between the smallest decagon and the biggest circle, is a real inexhaustible tank of the frequency of Melatonin.

The two colours put inside the three Decagons (red and the particular violet) and which have been taken from the radiestetic chromo test on a physic sample of melatonin; so they show the frequency and the vibration of melatonin;

Note: through the same process is possible to reproduce any wanted remedy, annulling so costs concerning.

At the end to assume the active elements of the emitted frequencies by the colours, it is necessary to magnetize each time natural water in a glass made of white glass of max 20 centilitre and with the flat bottom, without the goblet and also without advertising signs (the typical little restaurant glass), putting it for about 1 hour in the middle of the concentric circles of the graphic; after that, it is possible to drink magnetized water, and you have to do that if possible, with an empty belly and before going to bed.

Another interesting method, is to introduce magnetized water for ĺ in a sterilized phial, using the count drops, and you have to put the rest with brandy; the last one has got the property to keep the colours vibration; so you can assume 5 drops, that you have to put under the tongue always before going to bed (you have to keep the phial inside the refrigerator or in the dark, far from electromagnetic fields).


Here the Radionic Vibrational Manifestation of Melatonin†to download for printing with 3 colours printer and that you have to use any time you need it, so that you will have the advantage to use it any time without buying it!!!... It looks incredible, isnít it?! Here the reasons for trying it, to do a direct experience!!

Cautious general posology:

You have to assume n. 1 glass of natural water, which has been charged for 45 minutes on the present graphic; you have to do that orally and with an empty belly one time each day and before going to bed


You can assume ( orally and with the empty belly) one time each day n. 5 drops of the mix with water and brandy always before going to bed, you have to put the drops under the tongue.

The therapeutic cycle could last also one month but that depends on the necessities.

Ö you need all that, for regulating the biological " sleep-vigil" cycle, and for having during the night, a remedial sleep to restore the vital powers and to recover the bio- psycho- physic powers.

Note: it is necessary to use this graphic, for the charge, only in the predetermined times of magnetization, or better no more than 4 hours each day if we assume n.4 glasses, because the rest of the day will be used by the waveform of the radionic graphic circuit to restore the original magnetic charge of the colours; you have to magnetize the glass of water, of this graphic, in a room where you can find enough light and where there is a light with a white colour ( never in the dark).

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