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Reiki symbols are Japanese ideograms of Sanskrit origin re-discovered by Mikao Usui which go back to 2500 years ago at least; they are psychically represented as figures and sounds (mantra) and they are even letters with a meaning.

These symbols, which have their own psychic and energetic features that are different from each other (as I will explain later on in detail for each symbol), are needed for who makes use of them, to increase and to develop by far one’s own mental, material and spiritual intentions linked to them, interacting this way in a more direct and deeper manner with Reiki energy.


In order to benefit by each symbol during any second degree treatment, we need to ideally trace its outline by our hand on everything we’re treating or visualize it with a golden light always on the treated “object”, mentally repeating the name of the same symbol for three times; so it’s very important to learn by heart the name of each symbol with the relative figure, in order to trace and make use of them in an harmonious and effective way during the treatments.

MIkao Usui

Anyway, later on, when you’ve deeply understood the theoretic-practical energetic features of all the three symbols, it will be then your personal experience and sensitiveness to suggest you the right moment, case and place about how, how much and when make use of each symbol.

I also suggest a lot of care and responsibility as for the use of the symbols, since the energy they give off is really high.

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