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By each thought expressed in a concise way and by the visualization, tracing while you’re concentrated on them the symbols you choose and bound to the problem to treat, you can personalize all your physical, mental and distant treatments and self-treatments allowed by the second degree, helping you to concretize your noblest and most sincere intentions for your evolution and for the well-being of whom surrounds you, starting and considerably speeding up every realization. 

All this opens us to boundless choice possibilities on the way to start working on a given problem and so it is very important first of all to set a last aim to get and for a certain time work around it in the best and more and more suitable way; the carrying out times of any treatment can not to exceed  an half an hour per day for each problem and for each person. 


My advise is that in the long run we need to determine more or less how far we can interact with our aims by Reiki, whatever they are, setting a gradual and realizable work plan, this will be given even by our initial natural predisposition and by our opening towards Reiki energy and the harmonization; anyway, for everyone the results will be grandiose and won’t be late in concretizing, always depending on the time and care we dedicate to this discipline.


Now, it’s up to the sensitiveness and experience that everyone do in the long run, once he/she has assimilated every detail he/she learnt in second degree seminar besides these lecture notes attaching importance to the deep understanding of the meaning of each symbol, to act and how, when and why use this very powerful instrument for his/her own personal and inner self-realization, remembering that REIKI IS CLEVER AND IT KNOWS HOW TO ACT WHERE IT’S NEEDED, besides: 

- every time you start any treatment, remember to carry out the heart balance to get in touch with the Universal energy;  
you have to imagine the symbols with a golden and opalescent light, using a light ray to trace them; 

- when we carry out any mental or distant treatment, we must absolutely have the consent of the person who will receive it not to violate his/her free will and not to incur unpleasant energetic incidents;

- for distant treatment it is necessary to agree as for  the time when it will be carried out which will be planned according to the needs of the person who will receive it;

- all mental and/or distant treatments have to be carried out for 4 consecutive days at least and the next frequency will be fixed according to the seriousness of the problem in question (usually, I advise as a base 21 consecutive days); 

- if you should fall asleep during a distant treatment, remember to absolutely break off the touch as you wake up rubbing your hands between themselves blowing on them;

- for mental treatment it’s important to express a short and concise message and it has to be affirmative, positive, present;

- never carry out any treatment to people who are under a surgical operation.

At the start and at the end of each treatment, wash your hands well with cold water.


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