Sei He Ki


MIkao Usui

Literally SEI HE KI means: “I’VE GOT THE KEY”

fiore di loto 

It’s the symbol which activates the inner strengths inside everyone.

SHK belongs to the emotional sphere, it brings the contents of the subconscious at a conscious level and puts our subconscious in touch with other people’s one.

It is successfully used to balance and heal any emotional trauma and of psychic dependence; SHK helps us to bring to light all our unconscious blocks for the time we need to join with them again, work them out and get rid of them once for all.


In every emotional psychic healing process, once it has been invoked, SHK unconsciously offers to the receiver various possible energetic solutions suitable for him to get rid of his blocks; at last it will be then his soul that will choose the right way for him at that moment. 

Who carries out any treatment by this symbol, gets into the unconscious of the treated person (or even of himself by the self-treatment or for a situation), and he/she can modify the emotional and mental energetic condition by his/her own intentions, or he/she can let the same symbol (which is ruled by a higher intelligence) act by itself as it thinks best, that is almost always advisable, continuously invoking it when it’s necessary. 

Usually, SHK is used for direct healings by mental treatments as for dependences caused by problems such as stress, nervous tics, sleeplessness, depression, panic attacks,  nervous breakdown, anxiety, anger, apprehension, schizophrenia, mental and behaviour vices, various dependences, and so on…… 

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