Cho Ku Rei


MIkao Usui


fiore di loto 

Energetically, it represents “the switch” of the Cosmic energy; it has the feature to increase the flux of the channelled energy; we can say that it’s even the “Fixer” of the other two symbols increasing their force.

This symbol is also used in the physical self-treatment to increase the flux of the channelled energy, halving this way the therapy times of the first degree.

Having seen that “CKR” (abbreviation I will use later on) has the capacity to increase and to considerably speed up each process, we can use it to give “Energy”, “Strength” or a further “Greater Push” to anything we’re working on; in these cases it can be traced continuously invoking it for a certain time, drawing more and more in a growing way the energy of this symbol.


I show hereunder some uses of “CKR”:

- to “clean” rooms and ambients from negative energies as harmful radiations caused by electronic devices, or where there have been several conflicts, hospital rooms, sick persons houses, rooms where some therapies are carried out, and so on…. and in these cases it has to be traced on all the walls, the ceiling and the floor, mentally repeating its name every time for three times; you can even visualize its golden outline traced on the ceiling coming down slowly purifing all the room levels;

- to give again the energy to weary people or on the wounds (in case of burns, put the hand at a distance of 30 centimeters about);

- to protect ourselves or other people from external negative energies: in this case it has to be traced for six times (before, behind, on both sides, above and under our body), repeating each time the name “CKR” for three times;

………….. and for all the times your experience thinks it suitable.

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