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Well. Now, who is approaching this wonderful experience is ready and mature so he/she can face and personally collaborate with the exciting and no more complicated Cosmic Laws ruled by Nature.

We start saying that the second degree allows us to channel the double of the energy flux allowed by the first degree, to work with it in a more direct and active way as well as the capacity of astral projection sending the energy at a distance in the space and time to people, things and situations without limits, (note: even social situations and not, are always part of the same energy and can be balanced by Reiki energy). 


Besides, if before with first degree Reiki we could channel the energy only at a physical level putting our hands on any body letting it flowing free to go where it was needed, now with the second degree we can even channel it at a mental level concentrating it on any given problem by the symbols, the thought or assertions and by the visualization. In fact, second degree Reiki seminar is based mainly on the learning of the three symbols and their deep meaning. 

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Second degree Reiki considerably increase our psychic, telekinetic and magnetic faculties, making our personal power and our will stronger, drawing boundless advantages as a person and as energetic therapist. During second degree seminar, the master will carry our 2 harmonizations for each participant.

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click HERE for free download Reiki Second Degree complete seminar lecture note (Zip/PdF 88 Kb)

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