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This useful radiesthesic radionic graphic allows you to restore in a total way the energy of any object and subject witness that you haven’t used for a long time, or that you’ve continuously used for all radionic and/or radiesthesic uses as pictures, nails, hair, homeopathic bottles, stones and crystals, allopathic natural, vibrational medicines, essences and non essences, and so on………   
If you continuously use the same subject or object witness in a radionic and/or radiesthesic way, even if every time before their use you’ve charged them always on the decagon to reconfirm and amplify their energy, in the long run, in months, they will be exhausted all the same, so through this radiesthesic radionic graphic, every time (in case you are unable to bring up to date and renew your bank of witnesses, specially the subject ones) the subject and object witnesses can go back to their original energetic condition. To use No. 6 radiesthesic radionic graphic put then any subject or object witness in order to restore their original magnetic charge at the center of the two concentric circles in the lower part of the graphic and let them charge for 15 minutes about. Note: besides, as a second rule, once a month, you have to charge all kind of witnesses you’ll continuously use with graphic No. 6 for 15 minutes. 


The characteristic and the utilizations of this radiesthesic radionic circuit are similar to those of the decagon and of the amplifier, but there is the small difference: this circuit is a true magnetizer; besides you can also use it for all kinds of radiesthesic searches by your pendulum so you can get an additional energy and more reliable answers, besides it is possible to magnetize or to charge any object witness. You could radionically use it for any subject witness if your pendulum suggest you to do it while you’re looking for the most suitable radionic therapy, considering that it acts like a true magnetizer, that is it is a bigger contribution of force and rooting energy (always test by your pendulum the radionic emission times for any subject and the times of treatment).


This is the specific radionic graphic only for psychic protection from external people who are envious, jealous, who bear someone a grudge and all those feelings or psychic conscious and/or unconscious actions negative and harmful for anyone channelled through radionic and non radionic actions or also conscious and/or unconscious thoughts issued in a continuative way. First of all turn this No. 1 radionic graphic to the north, then simply put the subject witness of the person you have to protect for 20 minutes every 2-3 days (always ask your pendulum) and, for a more suitable action, if you need it, for 3 hours a day for 4 consecutive days; then you can test again the most suitable times and periods for your subject. For a more suitable action of psychic protection, if you know or you’ve tested by the pendulum the entity or the name and surname of the person who improperly and psychically pester in an injurious and continuous way your subject who suffer from it for his high sensitivity, realize a subject witness of the person who psychically pester your subject in different ways through the object witness method on the decagon (or if you can, get his subject witness), put it on the north arrow of the graphic, put always in the center the subject witness of the person you have to protect, while on the south arrow put an object witness realized on a white small sheet of paper writing in black ink “RETURN TO THE EARTH”; in this way bad thought and/or intents issued by evil-minded people come back to the earth at once so that other new occult manifestation will be consequently inhibited at the root; the radionic emission times for this second method are the same as the previous one. Note: use this graphic only in case of absolute and tested need.                        


This radionic circuit allows you to channel to the subject an additional energy of any positive message as LOVE, PEACE, SERENITY, JOY, A COLOR, A REMEDY, and so on……..; for instance in case of an artist the most suitable message will be MORE CREATIVITY together with the blue color. Make use of the radiesthesic table at page 49 to test by your pendulum the positive mental or spiritual quality most suitable for your subject. In order to activate No. 9 radionic graphic you need to turn it to the north: at first realize through the decagon method the object witness of the mental positive tested quality you have to channel, for instance: love, vitality, sympathy, and so on…. and put it on the south arrow of the graphic, while put the subject witness on the north arrow. For a more affective action of the object witness, you can put at the center of the graphic another object witness, of any kind like a color, a remedy, a symbol, stones and crystals, and so on…… which obviously goes well with the quality you have to channel described in the object witness placed on the south arrow (always test by your pendulum the most suitable remedy or object witness on the radiesthesic tables at page 21); let the graphic always active according to the times you’ve fixed by your pendulum, in terms of days weeks or months.           


This radionic graphic works within the psyche and helps you to select the right choice to do among the different situation of daily life by suggesting you through the intuitive thought for any kind of problem. Through an object witness realized with the decagon method as for instance: “THE MOST SUITABLE WORK CHOICE FOR JOHN SMITH” (if your subject is not sure about the kind of work he would like to do having different possibilities of employment), you can personalize No. 10  graphic for every situation of daily life. In order to activate this graphic you need to turn it to the north. Put the object witness at the center of the graphic and put the subject witness on it, let it active for days, weeks or months according to the complexity of the problem in question until you completely solve it. Meanwhile No. 10 radionic graphic works into the subject subconscious leading him little by little to the most suitable choice; then you can desactivate it. Note: don’t try to hold back your real tendencies suggested by the Psychological Selector.


This wonderful radionic graphic improves and favours the spiritual sensitivity as well as the “interior eye” opening and the intuitive perception of some subjects; all this energetically helps further on any advanced radiesthesic operator. You have to use this very powerful graphic after No. 20 radionic graphic  “CONSCIOUSNESS OPENING” of the basic course. To activate No. 11 radionic graphic you need to put the subject witness on the barycentre of the drawing, always testing by the pendulum the radionic emission times for each subject.

Click here for free download the complete book of advanced course of radionics and dowsing (216 Kb Zip/PdF)

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