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In a different place and on the table where you carry out your searches by the pendulum, will you prepare some paper and a pen to take note of the answers you get as well as a sheet where you have written in the fixed order all the questions to pose during the consultation.

As previously mentioned, put in front of you on your table where you are going to work by the pendulum the radionic circuits for radiesthesia as you like (No. 3 or No. 4 or No. 5) according to  the kind of approach and test you will carry out; put always in the middle of one of these graphics the subject witness; your pendulum has to fall in a perpendicular way on the barycentre of one of the chosen graphics and on the subject witness, let that the pendulum, oscillating, soaks the energy of the witness itself for few minutes; when your pendulum stops after having circled for some minutes about, you can start posing the first question:


· In case your answer to question (a) is positive, go on to the point (b) carrying out another small self-examination of self-reliability posing to the pendulum a question of your preference for which you know or you can immediately know the answer to compare it at once with the answer of your pendulum measuring this way your reliability grade;

· In case of negative answer, ask the pendulum the favourable moment to carry out a reliable search; take then No. 3 radionic circuit for radiesthesia (the 24 cases) and pose the following question: “WHAT IS THE SUITABLE TIME TODAY TO ASK THE PENDULUM?........”; at this point your pendulum starts to turn until little by little oscillating it will show you the case corresponding to the number of the suitable time;

· if the pendulum doesn’t stop on any answer concerning the previous question, pose it the following question: “WHAT IS THE SUITABLE TIME TOMORROW TO ASK THE PENDULUM?........” and if it is necessary “THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW”, and so on…. or: “WHICH IS THE RIGHT DAY OFTHIS MONTH TO ASK THE PENDULUM FOR THIS KIND OF TEST?.....” (note: to test the days of the month and the minutes make use of No. 4 radiesthesic graphic – The 60 Cases); even in case the pendulum will show you oscillating the most favourable date of this month for doing a reliable consultation; take note of this day and ask then the most suitable time about it: “WHAT IS THE SUITABLE TIME ON DAY “00/00/0000” TO ASK THE PENDULUM?.....” and take note of it remembering to carry out your next search in that moment you tested, repeating then the whole procedure from the beginning (a) as a control.

For instance, pose the pendulum the following question:

b) AT WHAT TIME DID I EAT TODAY?...... or…… AT WHAT TIME TODAY............? (the pendulum will answer oscillating showing you on your No. 3 circuit (the 24 cases) the number of the case corresponding to the time you have eaten today, and so on…..) … or….

- IS THE NAME OF MY MOTHER …….. ? (and wait for the answer YES or NOT ) …..or….


- HOW MANY CENTIGRADE DEGREES ARE THERE IN THIS ROOM? ….. and so on…..(an information you will check at once by your domestic thermometer for ambients)

Note: it is possible to pose a question to our pendulum for which we know the answer only in this case, for the preliminary self-examination of self-reliability, because our real inwardness is able to distinguish the sincere intention of a self-analysis aimed to a sincere search.

If all these self-examinations carried out till now are positive and logical, you can immediately go on to he next point starting the typical and real test on the subject witness by the radiesthesic circuits.

Click here for free download the complete book of basic course of radionics and dowsing (173 Kb Zip/PdF)

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