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Assesment of the human biofield of biofield healers and patients by digital  electrophotography
Beverly Rubik, Ph.D.
Exec. Director, Institute for Frontier Science
6114 LaSalle Ave., Oakland, CA 94611 USA

     A new form of digital Kirlian photography, developed by K. Korotkov in Russia, shows the electro-photographic emission of the fingertips with much greater reproducibility and replicability than older forms of Kirlian photography.  These emission patterns may be associated with aspects of the human biofield and related to the status of health or healing states.  Electrophotographs made before and after alternative medical interventions, in particular, biofield therapies and other types of energy medicine that shift the bioenergetics of patients and healers show measurable and statistically significant changes as seen via computer analysis of the electrophotographs.  A variety of biofield therapists who perform Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, and other types of energy healing were studied.  It was found that the pre- and post-treatment photographs were altered, for both patients and biofield therapists who treated them.  Not only were these changes easily visible in the photographs, but they were quantitatively assessed.  These parameters include the total area of the corona discharge, brightness, intensity, and fractality.  Such measurable changes in electrophotography may be useful in assessing the value of a therapy for a particular case, the predicted outcome for a therapeutic course of a particular case, and whether a biofield therapist is depleting their reserves when treating patients.

Hypothesis of the biofield
Savely Savva, MS
Executive Director,
Monterey Institute for the Study of Alternative Healing Arts
3855 Via Nona Marie, Ste.102-C, Carmel, CA 93923 USA

      The hypothesis of the biofield, as it was engendered by developmental biologists at the turn of the 20th century, suggested existence of a nonlocal force controlling embryogenesis and carrying the genetically based program of development. This concept becomes exceedingly relevant today with the growing understanding that the 30-40 thousand genes of the human genome alone are unable to hold the immense amount of genetically transferred information and with the increasing interest in using stem cells for therapeutic purposes. The hereby-suggested hypothesis of the biofield holds the following.
         -        The biofield is a specific physical field associated with any and all forms of life and based on a yet-unknown fundamental physical interaction.
         -      The information carried by the biofield is based on the entire genetic material of the organism at any stage of its ontogenic development and provides hierarchical operative control carrying all fundamental programs of life - development, maintenance, reproduction and death - with their physiological and behavioral aspects.
         -      Individual biofields are capable of interacting with other known fundamental physical fields and biofields of other organisms incurring changes and/or obtaining information and meanings, along established informational-emotional bonds. Intensity of this quality may vary broadly among members of a biological population.
As an essentially different level of organization compared to that of the cellular genome the biofield requires a new conceptual apparatus and methodology of its scientific study. The suggested approach is aimed at establishing effects of the human biofield - expressed as a conscious intent of exceptionally gifted individuals - on cellular physiological and genetic processes in relatively simple organisms.
Methodological principles include:
         -        Acceptances of the inherent quantitative irreproducibility of results due to irreproducibility of experimental conditions that include psychological and physiological conditions of the operator; therefore, only the most expressive runs are to be studied.
       -      Importance of establishing an information-emotional bond between the operator and the object as well as of the operator's attitude and conscious intent; exclusion of a hostile psychological environment in the experiment.
- Utilization of the entire methodological arsenal of contemporary biophysics, biochemistry and cytology.

Electrophysiology of growth control and acupuncture
Charles Shang, MD,
Department of Medicine, Emory University School of Medicine
69 Butler St., SE, Atlanta, GA 30303 USA

       Bioelectric fields have been shown to interact with  morphogens and guide growth control.  The morphogenetic singularity theory published a decade ago suggests that organizing centers have high density of gap junctions and high electrical conductance.  They are the singular points in morphogen gradient and bioelectric field.  A growth control system originates from a network of organizing centers containing under-differentiated cells and retains its regulatory functions after embryogenesis.  The formation and maintenance of all the physiological systems are directly dependent on the activity of the growth control system. 
     The evolutionary origin of the growth control system is likely to have preceded all the other physiological systems.  Its genetic blueprint might have served as a template from which the newer systems evolved.  The growth control signal transduction is embedded in the activity of the function-based physiological systems.  The regulation of most physiological processes is through growth control mechanisms such as hypertrophy, hyperplasia, atrophy, and apoptosis.  Acupuncture points, which also have high electrical conductance and high density of gap junctions, originate from organizing centers. 
     This theory can explain the distribution and non-specific activation of organizing centers and many research results in acupuncture.  In several 'prospective blind trials', recent research results have supported its corollary on the role of singularity and separatrix in morphogenesis, the predictions on the high electric conductance and the high density of gap junctions at the organizing centers.  These advances have broad implications in biomedical sciences.

Sun Chulin phenomenon: solid evidences of psychic power
Shen Jinhuang (PhD equivalent)
Professor, Dept of Material Sciences,
China University of Geosciences
100083, No.29, Xueyuan Road, Beijing, PR of China

Based on results of our experiments, new concepts (terms) are suggested: Psychic Quantum Radiation (PQR), Psychic Quantum Field (PQF), and Psychic Quantum Energy (PQE).
Sun Chulin phenomenon manifests in various kinds of strong effects upon objects and life forms, which can be summarized as follows:
1.  Mechanical effects (psychokinesis):
-       Distantly moving objects by PQE
-       Distantly spinning radiometer fan in a dark room by PQE in both direction.
-       Distantly moving objects through a solid wall (glass). 
2.  Optical effects:
-       Thoughtography (projection of mental images onto photosensitive paper): colorful images of three-dimensional objects appear on photosensitive paper after development in a Polaroid camera with closed lens.
-       Biophoton Emission (PQE): electromagnetic radiation at 10 kHz frequency range was recorded from Ms. Sun's palms.
3.  Electro-Magnetic Effects:
-       Magnetic effect at Laogong points: 4mOe magnetic field intensity was recorded by using Model DM-2220 digital magnetometer.
4.  Biological effects:
-       Significant acceleration of seeds sprouting (dramatically increased ATPasa activity was observed at the cellular level).
-       Revitalization and accelerated sprouting of fully denatured seeds (hundreds of successful runs).
5.  Changing chemical composition and structure of a matter:
-       Materialization of elements and compounds in water inside sealed containers
Observations of phenomena, which cannot be properly explained based on current knowledge, always lead to discoveries of new scientific laws of nature. Further scientific study of Sun Chulin phenomenon may shed light on new channels and mechanism for exchange of information, energy and matter; time-space structure (hyperspace); wave-particle duality; new basic sub-quark particles; etc.
Although one can envisage some practical application of Sun Chulin phenomenon such as breeding new and better varieties of bio-forms - in agriculture, healing chronic diseases - in medicine, developing new processes - in technology, we believe that a thorough scientific study of Sun Chulin's biological effects at biophysical, cytogenetic and cytophysiological levels may elucidate the nature of control function in cells and organisms which is a very practical problem. 

Physical fields and living systems
Simon Schurin, MD, PhD
Retired, Gottfried Albert Gasse 5/28 1140, Wein, Austria

        The methodology of contemporary physical science causes difficulty in learning physical mechanisms of living systems functioning. For instance, physical mechanisms of coding and decoding the biological information are understood very vaguely, the concept of the biofield as manifested in ontogenesis and phylogenesis as well as in the organization of and control over vital processes is practically not developed, concepts of the emergence and evolution of life in the universe as related to properties of fundamental physical fields and forces are very superficial. The mathematical description of life processes is still beyond the horizon.
       One of the problems is that physics for many reasons doesn't take life as the object in the study of the physical world while in reality it may be the superposition for the unified physical field and can only be described in view of a unified field theory.
      The author suggests that the living and inanimate worlds are inseparably connected with the former organizing the hierarchy of fundamental fields and elementary particles. At the initial nuclear synthesis, there were two types of nuclear forces producing nuclei with the same nuclear masses but potentially capable of either inorganic or organic elementogenesis and consequent molecular synthesis. This assumption is supported by the facts that organic substances have been found in meteorites and that living systems are built of left-handed isomers and are capable of utilizing left-handed isomers only.
       Thus author suggests that nuclear forces are the carriers of the inherent evolutionary memory of life and programs that determine sequential organization of field interactions in living systems.

Influence of magnetic field on dynamics of biophysical and biochemical processes in cells
Erkin N. Shermatov*, Ulugbek N. Radjabov, Naim.O.Sadikov
* Assoc.Professor, Department of Physics, Samarkand State University
University Blvd, 15, Samarkand, 703004 Uzbekistan

                Study of the radiation field of people with unique abilities showed that such people are able to change the tension of the magnetic field around themselves or in a certain direction. Moreover, such magnetic fielhas an oscillatory character. Considering that life evolved under the influence of Earth's magnetic field tension, it is reasonable to study the influence of the human-generated magnetic field on dynamics of biophysical and biochemical processes at the cellular level.
       Processes of matter formation from vacuum liquid and mechanisms providing its division into living and non-living substances are considered. As a self-organizing system, living substance uses the external energy to support and develop its own structure. The external magnetic field plays a basic role in various biochemical processes.
         Living substance, including cells, may be considered as a complex hierarchy of delivered and enclosed wave-packets or phase structures (Fourier images). The influence of physical vacuum or vacuum liquid leads to amplification of phase coherence among cell's elements and deceleration of biochemical processes. Thermal radiation hampers this process. As the result of such interaction some deformation or polarization of wave packets occurs.    
       The external magnetic field affects repolarization degree as well as dynamics of oscillating hierarchy of phase structures. Induced magnetic moments possess three degrees of freedom and causes degradation of internal energetic structures of each element. This can be considered as a factor, which distorts the phase coherence of oscillations inside separate elements and the cell as a whole. A shift of biochemical processes in cells towards low-energy or high-energy regions occurs depending on the value of external magnetic field. Decrease and consequent absence of external magnetic field leads to more symmetric processes. As a result we have deceleration and ensuing cessation of biochemical processes normally supporting cell's vital activity. Increase of magnetic field to a certain extent may lead to a favorable amplification of biochemical processes. However, high values of magnetic field's tension may distort a balance of biochemical processes and lead to various harmful effects.
      The proposed concept includes basic moments of two concepts namely, "coherent excitation" by H. Frölich, and "albumen-machine." In terms of the proposed model for physics of living substance one can explain the original experimental results of V.P. Kaznacheev et al. related to information exchange between distant single-cell organisms, influence of the Earth's magnetic field variation on vital activity of living organisms, etc.
       Biochemical and biophysical processes in the human organism adapt themselves to current values of magnetic field tension at location. As a result of various processes in outer space, some whirl processes exerting influence on the Earth's magnetic field tension may take place in vacuum liquid. In turn, alteration of magnetic field, depending on individual's internal abilities and the degree of phase correlation, influences vital activity of the human being. In some cases, when an individual is able to consciously make the internal resources ready for such alteration, the organism may stand these processes without any noticeable after-effects. 

Learning from water, a possible  quantum computing medium
Fabrizio Tonna, PhD-MD
Researcher and Scientific Committee Responsible,
The Ars Regia Society, International Institute for Research and Development in Alchemy and Spagyria, Lugano CH-6900, Switzerland

This work is the result of many years investigations into the problems of understanding how living systems make use of electromagnetic fields and frequencies and into the physics underlying homoeopathy. It is  well-known that water is essential to life as we know it and that living systems have extremely high electric fields across membranes in an aqueous environment, and use electrical communication systems such as nerve impulses. From QED theory, Del Giudice and Preparata have proposed that water has domains of coherence in the ground state as a fundamental property. The novelty in this paper is the experimental application of the properties of coherence  to coherent frequencies in water and living systems.
Clinical effects were obtained in 1982 with water after it had been exposed to a magnetic field and magnetic vector potential at a patient specific frequency thereby putting homoeopathy in the realm of quantum physics and not chemistry.  Living systems were found to respond to single a quantum of magnetic flux, to have properties resembling a Josephson Effect and to be sensitive to the magnetic vector potential.
The details of the techniques for writing or imprinting a frequency into water have been established and also for reading, changing, concealing and erasing such an imprint. This implies that a parallel/antiparallel alignment of 'qubits' has been thermalised. The liquid nature of water requires that its memory be non-local. A possible physical established coherent system, the constant parameter is the coherence length; the velocity becomes proportional to the frequency with no obvious upper limit. Many solutions are possible and multiple interactions may occur at widely differing frequencies within a living system.

A multidimensional universe model allowing human consciousness to quantitatively influence physical reality
W.A. Tiller, Ph.D.
Director, William A Tiller Foundation for New Science
909 So Pinecone St  Payson AZ  85541 USA

       This model(1,2)can be conveniently divided into a physical reality part (A) and a higher dimensional reality part (B):
A.            The model shows that, what we call physical reality is comprised from two reciprocal parts, (1) a coarse level, electric monopole constituted, particulate aspect traveling at velocities less than physical light, c, and (2) a fine level magnetic monopole-written, information wave aspect traveling at velocities greater than c.  The details of the de Broglie pilot wave envelope, constructed from these information waves, may or may not embody a magnetic dipole quality that physics has heretofore proposed to be particle spin-related.
        The proper frame of reference for viewing these two aspects of physical reality is a biconformal base-space comprised of two, four-dimensional, reciprocal subspaces, one of which is distance-time.  This constitutes a special member in the general family of 8-spaces.  Thus, any physical measurement contains two contributions, one from each subspace.  When the magnitude of the coupling coefficient between the substances of the two subspaces is small, one obtains the typical U(1) electromagnetic (EM) Gauge symmetry result wherein the reciprocal space contribution is non-zero but sufficiently small that careful statistical analysis of the measured data is needed to discriminate it from the direct-subspace contribution.  When the coupling coefficient is sufficiently large, the reciprocal subspace contribution to any measurement is also large and can dominate the total measurement magnitude (often leading to an SU(2) EM Gauge symmetry result).
       This coupling coefficient arises from a substance (labeled "deltrons", from the 9-dimensional domain of emotion, which is not constrained by relativity theory and thus can travel both faster and slower than c.  All of this is necessary for the existence of EM since the magnetic dipoles detected in the U(1) EM Gauge symmetry state are merely magnetic monopole "images" acting via the de Broglie pilot wave envelope in the physical vacuum.  Since the reciprocal subspace domain is a frequency domain, it quite naturally connects to the higher dimensional domains which are also frequency domains with significant band gaps between.  Thus, this "physical reality" structural unit is imbedded in the still higher dimensional domains of emotion (9D), mind (10D) and spirit (11D and above) allowing consciousness and intention to interact with physical reality.
B.            In this model, the larger reality is that we are all spiritual beings learning to be effective creators via interaction with a unique teaching machine which I label "the simulator".  This is a ten-dimensional structure, somewhat like the holodeck of TV's "Starship Enterprise," via which we are able to collectively create an abundant variety of relative universes and sensorily experience the unfoldment of the process.
      The key structural and process aspects of this 10-D simulator are as follows: (1) It consists of a close-packed network of nodal point structures that act as transponders/transducers for consciousness wave/energy wave conversion.  This nodal point network functions on three size scales (frequency scales), NNM, NNR and NND with the two larger grids (R and D) being superlattice-like grids to the primary grid (NNM is the analogue of the 3-D, hexagonal close-packed structure at a lattice spacing of lM~10-27 meters).  Thus, a specific pattern of diffracted consciousness waves from the mind lattice impinge on NNR, the nodal point network structure of the reciprocal subspace domain (lR~10-17 meters) both transferring a correlated imprint pattern to NNR and exciting a lower frequency band of consciousness waves to diffract from the NNR.  These lower frequency consciousness waves impinge on NND, the nodal point structures of the direct subspace domain (lD~10-7 meters ) further transferring another correlated imprint pattern to NND.  (2) The spirit aspect of self activates the driving consciousness wave pattern from NNM via a specific intention and the nodal point structures both downshift the frequency of these propagating consciousness waves and convert them to various types of energy wave patterns.  These energy wave patterns communicate with the various types of particles and agglomerates of particles residing within the interstices of the appropriate nodal network and (3) Because these three nodal networks, when perfectly ordered, form reciprocal hexagonal close-packed lattices to each other, any quality of substance in the subspace of one network is related to the complementary quality in another network via a Fourier transform relationship to provide a true quantitative linkage.  Both the correlation pattern and the relative signal amplitude between the original intention imprint pattern on the NNM, and that ultimately registered on NND, depend intimately upon the disorder of the NNR and NND with respect to the perfect hexagonal close-packed superlattice structures.  This is another quantitative modulator of the model.
       The general "simulator" model allows us to expand our present quantum mechanics paradigm so as to (in principle) quantitatively include the effects of human consciousness and intention on physical reality!
1.  W. A. Tiller, Science and Human Transformation: Subtle Energies, Intentionality and Consciousness. Pavior Publishing, Walnut Creek, CA, 1997
2.  W.A. Tiller, W.E. Dibble Jr. and M.J. Kohane, Conscious Acts of Creation: The Emergence of a New Physics. Pavior Publishing, Walnut Creek, CA, 2001
On some biofield measurements in a "conditioned" laboratory space
William A. Tiller, PhD and Walter E. Dibble, Jr.,PhD*
* Senior Scientist, William  A Tiller Foundation for New Science
909 So Pinecone St, Payson AZ 85541 USA

       Over the past five years we have found that human intention, imbedded into simple electronic devices (IIED's) via a unique processing technique, can act as a true thermodynamic potential to robustly alter the measured properties of both inanimate and animate materials producing (1) a shift in pH of purified water (ASTM type 1), in equilibrium with air, either up or down by one full pH unit with measurement accuracy of ±0.01 pH units and with no chemical additions to the water, (2) an increase in the in vitro thermodynamic activity of both ALP (alkaline phosphatase) and ATP by ~15-30% with a statistical significance of p < 0.001, (3) a reduction of in vivo fruit fly larval development time by ~25% at p<0.001 and (4) a large DC magnetic field polarity effect on water pH. It was found that, by simply continuing to use an IIED in a particular laboratory space for ~3-4 months, the laboratory became "conditioned" and it was the state of that "conditioning" that determined the robustness of these experimental results.
       From the unique experimental signatures associated with a partially "conditioned" space, our working hypothesis is that such a space constitutes a mixed U(1)/SU(2) physics gauge symmetry environment and that "conditioning" constitutes the development of domains of order in an otherwise fully disordered physical vacuum. We utilize a particular biconformal base-space frame of reference (two reciprocal subspaces with one being distance-time) for viewing nature's many expressions in order to understand this experimental data. Following this approach, one finds that any physical measurement contains two contributions, one from each sub-space. When the "coupling" coefficient between the two sub-spaces is small, one obtains the typical "unconditioned" space result (U(1) Gauge symmetry result). When the coupling coefficient is sufficiently large, the reciprocal-subspace contribution to the measurement is large and easily distinguishable from the direct-subspace portion (SU(2) Gauge symmetry result).
        In our Payson newly "conditioned" laboratory, we continuously monitor at individual stations (1) air temperature and water temperature (at several locations), (2) water pH, with or without added particulates (at several locations), (3) oxygen solubility in water (one location) and (4) cupric ion concentration in water (one location). For the past several months, we have been noticing anomalous bursts of information in the time-displays from these various data streams. These, we have theoretically correlated with "environmental perturbations" of both an external nature and an "in-lab" nature. This suggested to us that this "conditioned" lab with its "conditioned" instrument stations might constitute a sensitive detector for subtle energies.
       We tested this hypothesis, via the application of advanced kinesiological processing, on three human subjects with fairly difficult healthy challenges. The treatment table was set up in a clear space within the Payson laboratory and all the surrounding instrument stations were continuously monitored. No physical contact occurred between any of the participants and the various instrument stations. However, highly treatment-correlated, large-amplitude signature, multiple perturbation responses of the various data streams were detected. Discussion of these unique findings and the necessary background is the primary purpose of this talk.

Nonlinear Cooperative Properties of Whole Human Blood
Vladimir Voeikov, PhD
Professor, Department of Bioorganic Chemistry, Faculty of Biology,
M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University. Moscow, Russia
We found that although undiluted blood is a highly opaque substance it may be a sufficiently intense source of photon emission (PE) especially if an immune reaction of neutrophils is induced in it. Free radical reactions in which reactive oxygen species (ROS) participate are the most plausible source for electron excited states generation that eventually expresses itself in PE. Intensity of PE dramatically increases if ROS probes such as luminol or lucigenin are added to blood. Parameters of PE depend upon interaction of CROMO-HST and red blood cells. In the presence of lucigenin high levels of PE are observed even in a non-disturbed healthy donors' blood indicating of permanent production of ROS and generation of excited electrons in this tissue. Using sensitive single photon detectors we could observe specific patterns of PE from non-diluted blood even if no PE enhancers are added to it. Non-linear complex oscillatory patterns may be analyzed by using contemporary mathematical approaches for analysis of long time series. Dynamic patterns of PE in healthy donors' and patients' blood (especially blood of patients with cardiovascular diseases) were significantly different and they changed with changes of a state of health of an individual in a characteristic manner.
Studies of PE from whole blood helped to reveal some new fundamental properties of this tissue. PE from even small portions of blood (0,2 ml) may last for tens of hours indicating of its vast energy reserves. Photons are emitted in oscillatory manner even if blood is not disturbed. When blood is irritated with periodic stimuli, well-pronounced low-frequency waves of PE are often observed. Blood strongly reacts to subtraction of some part of it (figuratively speaking, upon cutting it into parts) by enhancement of PE. If even a part of photons emitted by blood is reflected back to it, blood reacted to such influence by changes in metabolic activity. In particular, back reflected photons accelerate a slowly developing respiratory burst at its early stage, and at the stage of its decay they prolong the process. Taking into consideration that quantity of energy absorbed by blood under these conditions is extremely small, a very potent amplification mechanism should be involved in the development of its response. When blood temperature was cyclically changed within the range of 35-38 0C, a profound hysteresis in PE intensity was observed and its pattern strongly depended upon physiological state of blood or a stage of immune response in blood in which it was artificially induced. PE responded in a highly paradoxical way to temperature elevation over the physiologically tolerable level. When it increased to 410C a sharp decline in PE was observed, but as soon as temperature started to decrease PE decline was halted and its intensity began to increase irrespective of blood cooling down.
We also evaluated dynamic properties of whole blood by a different method developed by us - ESR-graphy - a continuous monitoring of erythrocytes sedimentation with a special opto-electronic and computerised device. We found that the boundary between packing blood cells and plasma moves in an oscillatory, rather than in monotonous manner again indicating that active and non-linear process are taking place in blood. Patterns of ESR-grams strongly depend on a state of health of an individual, as well as on blood pre-treatment and on additions to it of different substances. In particular we have found that the parameters of ESR-grams of patients in intensive care unit dramatically changed on the days with geomagnetic storms in comparison to patterns of ESR-grams on "quiet" days. Thus blood seems to respond to very weak fluctuations of a magnetic field and the magnitude of its response depends upon a state of health of an individual.
Taken together, these results demonstrate that blood behaves as a cooperative living system whose parts unceasingly interact in time and space in order to provide maximal efficiency in exerting its physiological functions. We suppose that blood has properties of an active medium in the first place due to continuous wave-like generation of electron excited species in it, and that this property of blood provides for its high sensitivity of external weak, but resonant influences.

Development of a biological detection system for human intent emission
Masatake Yamauchi, PhD
Research Fellow, Radiation Safety Research Center,
National Institute of Radiological Sciences
4-9-1 Anagawa, Inage, Chiba 263-8555 Japan
       Biological effect of the stimulant emitted by human being, typically claimed by the Qigong masters, has not been established and its existence is arguable. Previously, we carried out a simple experiment using HeLa cells as a detector of the effect (1). The experiment was planned to detect the effect by the survival of human cells in presence of intolerable dose of G418, an antibiotic, or X-ray irradiation. The results were very difficult to evaluate, since the difference in survival of the treated and untreated cells was not drastic. The acquirement of the drug resistance by cancer cells may have been not an adequate experimental system for this purpose, since the cells were continuously cultured in the medium containing intolerable dose of G418. The effect of the stimulant emission, if any, may have been suppressed by the continuous presence of the drug. The survival of the treated cells was slightly higher than that of the untreated. However, we could not obtain any clear evidences for the effect of the stimulant emission through these experiments.
       Currently we are conducting an advanced experimental study aimed at detecting the effect of the stimulant emission of human being by using the human primary cultured cells from various tissues that are available commercially. The effect of the emission is being evaluated by the growth rate of the cells. We suggest that the primary cultures of human cells are much more similar to human cells within the human body that may be receptive to the effect of the emission. Since the cell division is involved in the normal healing process of injuries, we expect that the experimental system using the human primary cultured cells can serve the purpose of developing a biological detector for the stimulant emission.
      Results will be presented at the Symposium.
1. Masatake Yamauchi, Toshiyuki Saito, Mikio Yamamoto, and Masahiko Hirasawa, Attempts to Develop an in Vitro Experimental System for Detecting the Effect of Stimulant Emission Using Cultured Human Cells. Journal of International Society of Life Information Science, V.14, No.2, 1996.
In vitro model of human biofield perception
Garret L.Yount*, PhD, Jeremy L. West, Dan Moore, PhD
* Scientist, California Pacific Medical Center Research Institute
2330 Clay Street, Stern Building
San Francisco, CA  94115  USA

Diagnosis is an integral part of any medical system.  Many complementary and alternative medical systems rely on subtle perceptual abilities that are not recognized by modern biomedicine. In traditional Chinese medicine, for example, qigong practitioners treat patients based on the perception and manipulation of Qi, a vital energy associated with the body. During an experiment in our laboratory evaluating external qigong treatment, a practitioner spontaneously reported the ability to perceive qualities of Qi being emitted from human cells cultured in Petri plates.  The practitioner was not informed that the Petri plates contained tumor cells undergoing programmed cell death, yet he described an unmistakable "Qi disturbance" coming from these cell cultures.  We are interested in evaluating the reliability of such perceptions and the parameters that can affect it.
There are two major confounds inherent with diagnostic studies involving patients.  First, individual differences between patients and the severity of diseases makes a specific diagnostic technique difficult to generalize across individuals.  Second, it is difficult to control for the patient consciously or unconsciously cueing the healer. To exclude these two major confounds, we designed a pilot study to test the ability of experienced healers to perceive biologically relevant information from cultured human cells. The targets were randomly determined as either a cell culture flask holding human tumor cells or an identical flask with no cells. The task for the healers was to determine whether or not tumor cells were present in the target sample. Informed consent was obtained from the healers and the institutional review board for research involving human subjects approved the study protocol. 
The study incorporated a "double-blind" design and the target samples were kept inside of an opaque paper envelope to prevent any visual cueing as to the contents. The healer was permitted to evaluate the target from any distance, including touching the paper envelope, and then asked to write down whether s/he perceives the presence of tumor cells. The healer had the option to "pass" on any given trial. To test whether a healer could do better than chance, this process was be repeated until the healer offers at least 34 yes/no responses. The minimum number of trials is based on the assumption that a healer is able to perform at 80% accuracy (i.e. s/he is correct 80% of the time); 34 trials are needed for 80% power, with 23 or more correct required for statistical significance (p<0.05). Positive results of this ongoing pilot study could justify larger studies in which we could systematically evaluate a spectrum of target cell characteristics (e.g., cancer vs. normal cells) and physical parameters (e.g., physical barriers like a Faraday cage).  The proposed work represents an initial step towards the goal of identifying experimental conditions, and ultimately clinical applications, in which human perception can function as a diagnostic tool.
Skin resistance vs. body conductivity,
electronic measurement on skin
Chang-Lin Zhang, MD
Professor  of Biophysics,  Siegen Univerisity
Schiffenberger Weg 39, D-35394 Giessen, Germany

We will discussed several critical problems of electronic measurements on acupuncture system such as the size, shape, location and stability of acu-points and acu-meridians; the broad fluctuation of the measurement data; holographic phenomena and the statistical self-similarity of measurement data; transmission of the signal along a meridian and its speed; points of high conductivity and high sound intensity and the mathematical background of log-normal distribution of measurement data.
      Interpretation of these experimental results in view of the existing knowledge in modern anatomy, histology, neurology and biochemistry suggests that there is an invisible dissipative structure of electromagnetic field composed of an interference pattern of standing waves in the resonance cavity of human body that is supported by metabolic energy in the open system. To some extent this invisible structure corresponds to the acupuncture system, which opens a scientific, quantitative way to evaluate the degree of coherence, namely harmony, of a body-mind system.


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