Awards Certificate

Doctor Roger Moretto - Awards Certificate

ruggero moretto

The Institute of Non-Secular Sciences and Education
Science Department of Homoeology
Be it known that by virue of the authority vested in this institute of higher learning as authorizes by the government of the great state of arizona, that
Roger Moretto
having completed the course of study as prescribed by the division continuing educational and post-graduation, is worthy 
with all the rights, honors, and confidences of this chosen profession, privileges, obligations, and responsabilities thereto, witch confers
the degree
upon recommendation of the faculty and the approval of the board of directors of this institution, we have caused this diploma to be issued, and in witness thereto do subscribe our names and  affix the seal of the institute this 27th day of march, 2005 in the year of our lord at Tempe, Arizona, United States of America.


Roger Moretto Diploma science department of homoeologg



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