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This radionic circuit allows you to operate on any distant subject only in all cases of emergency,  as for instance immediate shocks or illnesses, or when someone is admitted as an emergency patient at the hospital, when an illness is more or less evident, in case of convalescence, and so on……, transmitting to the subject, through his witness, all the vibrations of any kind of remedies as allopathic, natural and vibrational medicines, a color, and so on…… according to the doctor’s advice or tested by the pendulum on a series of remedies you know, even those mentioned in the radiesthesic tables from page 21, asking a pendulum a question like this: “WHICH OF THESE REMEDIES IS MOST SUITABLE AT THIS MOMENT FOR JOHN SMITH’S HEALTH PROBLEM?”      

In order to activate No. 5 radionic graphic put the subject witness at the center of the six concentric circles placed in the higher part of the graphic, while put all kinds of object witnesses of tested remedies, mentioned on a white little sheet of paper in black ink at the center of the concentric circles placed in the lower part; or for a more direct action, it’s possible to put the object itself of all witnesses as pills, bottles of fluid medicines, coloured boards, stones, essences, and so on…..

The times of radionic emission for this radionic graphic change in any case and for any subject witness from 10 to 20 minutes (always test by your pendulum the most exact minutes). Usually you can use the radionic emission through this graphic only once, but if your patient is continuously in emergency, always test by your pendulum how many days you need to do a 10-20 minutes session again, by continuously testing again the remedies for which you will send the radionic emission, besides you’ll choose to do more than one day session, provided that your pendulum will suggest and always in case of extreme and prolonged emergency..

Click here for free download the complete book of advanced course of radionics and dowsing (216 Kb Zip/PdF)

For buy the kit of the No. 11 Radionic Circuits of this Advanced Course of  Radionics Dowsing and Radiesthesia, you have to make an explicit request to this e-mail address:
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