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This fantastic radionic circuit can cast at a distance in space and time, to any subject, as a person, an animal, a vegetable, an object, situations, and so on….. the radiations or vibrations of any kind of object witnesses realized through different radionic and non radionic methods besides any remedy itself.  

How to activate it

First of all it’s necessary to turn this graphic to the North; then put any subject witness at the center of the graphic (if  you have to do with a person it will be nails, hair, and so on...) for whom you’re going to send at a distance the radiation you’ve tested for any therapeutic and non therapeutic action, together will all kind of therapeutic and non therapeutic object witnesses you realized at the beginning through different methods as the cosmic number written in black ink on a little sheet of paper, the decagon technique, or the vibrational remedies of the radiesthesic standard guided way realized on some radiesthesic tables from page 21 made through the decagon technique and/or the cosmic number. Help yourself also with the radiesthesic tables from page 48 to page 49, testing the key word about the kind of your mental intention or most suitable action for any therapeutic, psychic and non psychic action; note: through No. 3 radionic graphic you can’t combine more than 4-5 remedies for each emission and subject.
Once you have activated it, No. 3 graphic will be active for three hours about, then you have to take away all the witnesses and let the lozenges charge again their original energy for other 3 hours (besides, three hours a day of radionic emission are enough to do a day therapy; test by your pendulum the most suitable times for each subject).
Besides, for a more direct and effective radionic action, through this radionic graphic, it’s possible to cast the object itself of an object witness to any subject witness as for instance a stone, a pill or a homeopathic fluid bottle, with the only disadvantage that after the three hours of radionic emission these last remedies irremediably lose a lot of their original energetic charge and, even if then you will recharge them on the decagon or on No. 6 and No. 7 radiesthesic graphics in order to reactivate their energies, anyway within some time the remedies themselves will be more and more exhausted and no more usable; anyway if you’ll realize your series of remedies writing them on a little sheet of white paper, use the decagon method because it’s always effective and above all has no cost!!!..... The only approach like the previous one (but with no cost) that you can utilize, besides the cosmic number method, it’s the object itself of the object witness coloured on a small sheet of paper in a traditional way through natural pastels or little boards perfectly coloured by a computer printer, with colors suitable for the case of our subject and tested by the pendulum, realizing this way the chromotherapy; but….. is this method suitable for our subject?; the answer will be “not always” ……… (in the “Master of Radionics and Radiesthesia” course we’ll see how it’s possible even thanks to the colors to faithfully reproduce the same frequency or radiation of any energetic and radionic approach that is how to turn to a color frequency the frequency of any vibrational remedy, of a medicine, some essences, and so on…and so all that you want, according to the operator’s approaches, realizing this way a more direct radionic method of channelling through the radionic use of the object itself of the object witness).                                   


Click here for free download the complete book of advanced course of radionics and dowsing (216 Kb Zip/PdF)

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