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FIRST METHOD (The radionic graphic “No. 1 – THERAPEUTIC WATERS PRODUCER&rdquo

Thanks to the radionic graphic THERAPEUTIC WATERS PRODUCER (No. 1), we can reproduce the frequency or radiation of any word-witness and/or any vibrational remedy tested also through the radiesthesic guided way on the respective radiesthesic tables at page 21, writing clearly its name in black ink and in capitals inside the three upper identical rectangles, as for instance: Aloe Vera, Hipericum, Aspirin, etc…..In this way you’ll create an object witness of the remedy itself  which will optimize and complete this radionic graphic which in turn will charge the glass of natural water set in the centre of the concentric circles which are at the center of the decagon; note: you can’t insert in the three identical rectangles more than n. 6 remedies for the same therapy.

The presence of the decagon,  which recalls and amplifies the vibration in this case of the word witness mentioned inside the three upper rectangles, and the presence of the concentric circles, further broadcasts and amplifies the vibration always of the object witness of the remedy itself to the glass of water positioned at the center and  make this radionic graphic a very valid and simple therapeutic instrument with no cost.

Thanks to the “standard” guided radiesthesic course carried out upon radiesthesic tables from page 21, where all a series of holistic natural and vibrational known remedies are mentioned, it is possible to draw the methodology as well as the respective remedies which are used to optimize a more suitable radionic therapy for any pathology on any subject (these tables can be inserted or replaced with other tables made by the operator on the basis of therapeutic methodologies more suitable for the needs of  any kind of approach and/or illness).

In order to take on the beneficial frequencies or radiations of this optimized graphic, it is necessary, every time, to magnetize some natural water in a white crystal glass with a maximum capacity of 20 cl.  with a flat bottom, not goblet and without promotional writings (the typical restaurant glass), by putting it for 1 hour about in the middle of the concentric circles of the graphic; afterwards it is possible to drink the magnetized water on an empty stomach, if it’s possible.  This operation has to be done 3-4-5 times a day, for one month or more (test by the pendulum daily glasses and treatment period).

Note: it’s necessary to use the graphic for the charge only in the fixed magnetization times, that is no more than 4-5 hours a day if we take no. 4-5 glasses, because the remaining time of the day will be useful to the waveform of the radionic graphic circuit  to restore its original magnetic charge.    

Click here for free download the complete book of advanced course of radionics and dowsing (216 Kb Zip/PdF)

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