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Basic Course of Radionics and Dowsing Divining - Radiesthesia


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· You can pose questions on your own initiative and from another point of view more suitable for you, remembering all the parameters previously described at the chapter about “THE RIGHT FORMUALTION OF THE QUESTIONS” at page 7 and that the real intentions of the operator are those for which the pendulum answers in a completely reliable way, so you need to know very well what you’re asking to your pendulum.

· Another advice is that you prepare since the beginning all the questions to pose to the pendulum, writing them in a sequence on a sheet of paper where you will make also the answers you got during the test, besides all the radiesthesic radionic circuits as above described.

· Between a test and the other, remember to discharge the pendulum putting it in contact with the magnet.
As above mentioned, it is possible to pose to the pendulum any question about any subject concerning the present, because any form of energy conceived by the radiesthesic operator has a “mental nature”, so it is possible to do tests and diagnoses on:

· Physical problems of any subject

· Any mechanical motor

· For any installation

· To find missing things, persons, animals

· Alimentary intolerances on people, animals

· To test any therapy for any kind of therapeutic approach for people, plants, animals

· Any geopathy inside a house and ground

· The search of wells of water, petroleum, minerals, depth of the subsoil

· Archaeological and historical searches

· How to arrange and orient things and furniture inside houses, offices, to make the room healthy in a vibrational way, and so on…

· To test the healthy colours for painting the walls of houses, offices, and so on…

· To test the most suitable plants for gardens, houses, offices, rooms in general

· To test the best choice about any subject, the talents and the professional and study orientation, the most suitable house, the sports practice, the spiritual discipline

· To test and to plan the best geometric shapes for building a healthy house
…….. and finally everything concerning your concrete choices for the “present” in general, always remembering the ethical rules carefully examined in these lecture notes and without developing in the long run a form of dependence if you have previously got small results.

Will the practice of radiesthesia help you in the best way for a more harmonious life.

Click here for free download the complete book of basic course of radionics and dowsing (173 Kb Zip/PdF)

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