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This exceptional instrument of search utilizes our personal energy and also the auxiliary energy of the radionic circuits for radiesthesic searches that the operator will use for his work. The pendulum is used as a metal-detector to find, to analyse, to select and to test the most tenuous energies or radiations of any body or thought, by the questions posed by the operator or/and through his specific intention; if it is correctly used the pendulum is able to give us reliable answers concerning for the most disparate cases: everything in the Universe is energy in continuous evolution and in constant movement including our questions and energetic vibratory unconscious intents.


After having well washed the hands with cold water, sit comfortably in front of a wood or plastic white writing-desk, keeping there only the objects relevant for your radiesthesic search. You have to sit on the tip of a not metal chair with the erect back without leaning it on the backrest and with open and relaxed shoulders, with the chin a little withdrawn, lightly straining the nape and pushing the summit of the head toward the top and the tongue against the palate. We have to stay in a silent room with soft lights, without disturbing factors and objects of any kind; we have to stay in a general sincere mental and spiritual opening in a most relaxed way (to get the most reliable answers the posture and the mental predisposition have to be protracted and kept either before than for all the time we are using the pendulum; all that spontaneously leads us to obtain the fundamental state of consciousness either to begin than to bring successfully our work to the end); as help and a valid preliminary you can even use all mental and breath control practices suitable for you, as yoga, meditation or other things (if you like you can even charge yourself before and/or during your session keeping  yourself in contact with some natural and not worked crystals as a rock crystal, an amethyst or lapis lazuli); besides, the operator to be more reliable and exact in his searches, as we’re going to see later on,  can “broaden” his sensitiveness  before starting his work, using the auxiliary energy emitted by No. 2, No. 5 and No. 6 radionic circuits for radiesthesia absorbing it simply watching the same circuit in a passive way for 10 minutes.


Take your personal pendulum by the small chain between the thumb and forefinger of the right hand; put the pendulum far from the quartz the double of its height, letting it fall with its point low in a perpendicular way on the object to test without leaning your elbows on the table; you have to keep the left hand at three fingers under the navel, lightly pressing in this point with the forefinger and the middle finger until you feel a light dull local beat and a light heat at the top of the fingers of the left hand (keeping a light pressure for all the time in this point, which  is the basic place of our personal energy known as “prana”, we stimulate our concentration even more and we get more easily our personal energy); at this point you can start to take contact with your subconscious letting your energy soak the pendulum which begins spontaneously to oscillate on the right and on the left, back and forth, to turn or to pull toward the low (after few time you could feel a sense of heaviness or a light sense of tickle on the palm of your right hand which could extend to the whole arm); as you go on, anyway you will feel more and more concentrated and when you are ready after some minutes (times depend on each person and moment) you can go on posing the pendulum your first question; while you are using the pendulum don’t cross legs or arms and since the beginning don’t wear necklaces, rings, watches, bracelets, buckles and any metal things.


Since the beginning it is very important to fix your personal code to get reliable answers to your questions; for example: if the pendulum pulls toward the low the answer is positive, vice versa if it oscillates from right to left or forth and back the answer is negative…. or if it turns clockwise the answer is positive, vice versa if it turns in an anti-clockwise sense the answer is negative and so on…. You have different opportunities of choice, the pendulum can oscillate in different ways; when you have settled your positive and negative for that pendulum, it is very important to keep always this code you have given it since the beginning; then when you have taken contacts with your inwardness (see the previous page) pose the pendulum the following question: “SHOW ME THE POSITIVE ANSWER” (at this point your pendulum will begin to move slowly showing you the rotation or the oscillation which is your positive answer for any future questions you will pose) and then: “SHOW ME THE NEGATIVE ANSWER”, and then “SHOW ME THE UNCERTAIN ANSWER”, and then “SHOW ME THE NULL ANSWER” (note all on a sheet you will keep). When you test  any sentence, the pendulum can even give you an uncertain answer so you’ll see it trying to oscillate hardly or it can also not  answer beginning to oscillate in a way you haven’t considered on your personal code (in this case pose the question again from another point of view: it is probable that till now there aren’t enough parameters to give a firm positive, negative or uncertain  answer to your question).


Anyway it is necessary to know how to pose the questions to the pendulum; it is possible to pose many questions about all the different subjects; however it is important to respect some basic rules, the answer depends essentially on  the formulation of the question and on the clear and concentrated intention of the radiesthesistian so you have to respect the following rules:

· pose the question to the pendulum with transparency, simply, in a few words and directly; so don’t ask “might  this decision be helpful for me?”, but “do I need this decision?”

· never test a sentence with two questions as for instance: “what will be the weather like tomorrow, sunny or cloudy?” 

· always pose the questions in a positive way, as for instance “is this decision right?” and not “isn’t this decision wrong?”

· never pose questions for which you already know the answer, except only for practising or at the beginning before any session to check your present grade of reliability (see “PREPARATION FOR THE TEST” at page 13);

· never pose questions just for curiosity, but with an authentic and SINCERE interest;

· never pose questions which could, intentionally or not, offend or hurt the others;

· never ask “why” but pose the question so that the answer could be “YES” or “NOT”;

· never use the pendulum to get the result of bets, gambles, lottery, and so on…       

Then pay attention to the right formulation of the questions, if you don’t follow closely these basic rules you won’t get reliable answers; for example if various factors are involved, if the question is too complex to get an answer just in one time or if the inmost intention doesn’t respect the right use of the pendulum.     

So you have to avoid the following questions or formulations:

· questions which come from a negative emotion or intention such as anger, jealousy and so on….;

· questions to get information just for curiosity;

· few clear questions or suitable for different answers;

· questions for which you already know the answer (except for practising or testing your own reliability). 

At last, there aren’t fixed rules about the subjects for which you can ask questions to the pendulum, everything depends on your real and healthy intentions; to start any radiesthesic test, you can use the “standard” examples from page 13, “PREPARATION FOR THE TEST”.

Click here for free download the complete book of basic course of radionics and dowsing (173 Kb Zip/PdF file)

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